10 ChatGPT prompts for marketing and sales!

ChatGPT is a powerful tool for marketing professionals and today we’re going to take a look at ChatGPT prompts for marketing and sales!

When interacting with ChatGPT, the prompt is your starting point. 🏁

We won’t tell you any more, here’s the summary: 👇🏼

  • What is a ChatGPT prompt?
  • 10 ChatGPT prompt for marketing and sales.
  • What are the limits of a ChatGPT prompt?

Are you ready? Let’s get started! ✈️

10 ChatGPT prompts for marketing and sales

To write a good prompt, we advise you to follow these 3 golden rules:

  • 🥇 Provide context.
  • 🥈 Be specific.
  • 🥉 Be clear, concise and readable.

The more specific you are, the better the Prompt will be. The same goes for all the other artificial intelligences such as DALL-E, Bard or even Claude. 👀

Anyway, without further ado, it’s off to the prompts! ⬇️

1) Prompt ChatGPT marketing: market analysis

Example = Analyse trends in the business development software market to identify potential opportunities and challenges for our CRM over the last two years.

Example = Compare the two software packages Zoho CRM and Waalaxy with the different functionalities. 👽

2) Digital marketing campaign strategy

Example: You’ve been a digital marketing expert for 10 years. Taking into account the latest trends in the digital market and consumer behaviour, identify the key opportunities for our brand in the events sector.

3) ChatGPT sales: approaching the customer

Example: You’ve been an expert in relationship marketing and sales for 10 years. Write a strategy to attract customers aged between 18 and 25, located in Montpellier, specifying event venues, shops and influencers.

Example = You are a software product marketing veteran with ten years’ experience in the industry. You’ve developed marketing strategies for successful software products such as Vimeo, Freshworks, Hubspot and Zoho. Drawing on your marketing experience, can you advise me on how to get the word out about my new customer relationship management (CRM) software, Waalaxy?

4) Roadmap for the web design of your website

Example: You’ve been a web design expert for 5 years. You’re in charge of a website roadmap for an SEO agency. Give me your roadmap in the form of a bulleted list with the order of priorities and their timescales.

Example = You’ve been an acquisition expert for 8 years. I want to increase the traffic on my Waalaxy website by 20% in 8 months. Write a roadmap based on this objective.

5) ChatGPT prompts for marketing and sales : social selling

Example: On Instagram, use a friendly and engaging tone to present a digital calendar and offer a unique value proposition.

Example: Give me 3 social media posts that target marketers and explain how Waalaxy can help them, in an engaging and humorous tone, using emojis.

What are the limits of ChatGPT prompt marketing?

Like any language model, ChatGPT has its limitations. For example, unfortunately it can’t always understand or interpret the nuances of language or the subtleties of complex questions (a bit like a conversation between two people after a hard day’s work 😅 ).

But that’s not all, here are the other reasons. 👇🏼

1) Not up to date with recent events

In case you didn’t know, ChatGPT is limited by its last update to April 2023. This means it has no knowledge of events or developments after that date. 📆

Therefore, it affects its ability to provide information or analysis on recent events.

2) Isn’t natural enough

You may have already noticed if you’re using this artificial intelligence, but some answers lack the nuance or subtlety that a human might have. This may be due to:

  • 1️⃣ To the limitations of it.
  • 2️⃣ Lack of contextual understanding.
  • 3️⃣ The interpretation of emotions or humour.

This is why, with the prompts we have presented, it is necessary to reread and add your own little touch 🐾 to ChatGPT’s answers.

3) Not always accessible

Sometimes the tool may display “error”. These are interruptions or access limits that can come about because of updates, maintenance, geographical restrictions or simply, there are too many people using it at the same time.

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How about a recap?

If we had to do a recap, ChatGPT is a resource-packed tool for marketing, offering unique capabilities for generating creative and engaging prompts. It has quickly established itself as a must-have tool for digital marketing. 😇

Using this tool in marketing campaigns not only saves time and resources, but also provides content suggestions that can transform customer interaction, and why not, build loyalty. 💟

However, it’s important that you continue to look at current trends and regularly check the information it gives you.

Finally, its use in content strategies allows marketers to :

  • 👀 Stay on top of new trends.
  • 💬 Personalize messages.
  • 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼 Improve customer engagement.

Frequently asked questions : ChatGPT prompts for marketing and sales

Don’t go away so quickly, we’ve still got a few prompts to share with you! 😇

How do I make an affiliate marketing prompt?

To create an effective affiliate marketing prompt, focus on the value proposition of your product or service. 👀

To do this:

  • Describe to ChatGPT how it solves or improves your target’s life.
  • Incorporate a clear call to action, inviting readers to click on your affiliate link to find out more or alternatively, make a purchase.
  • Make sure your message is authentic and reflects your personal experience or confidence in the product.

Just for your eyes only, here’s an example of an affiliate marketing prompt!

How to do a ChatGPT prompt for influencer marketing?

To create an effective ChatGPT prompt for influencer marketing, you first need to identify your objective ⭐️, such as increasing brand awareness or promoting a specific product or service.

Next, determine your target audience 🎯 and choose influencers whose audience matches that audience. Don’t forget that, the prompt must be clear and must highlight the benefits of the collaboration for them and their audience, and end with an engaging call to action.

Here’s a small example of an influencer marketing prompt!👇🏼

Why is it important to give as much context as possible in your prompt?

In the professional world, providing detailed context is becoming essential to fully exploit the capabilities of artificial intelligence. 🤖

This enables specific responses tailored to the unique requirements of each marketing project. 😇

For that, you need to be more specific, give context, like for example: 👇🏼

  • Be an expert in the field for 5 years.
  • You’ve completed a marketing campaign.
  • You’ve got 10 years’ experience.

Still not getting it? OK, here’s a little table with 3 examples !

Example of Context Why Context is Important
You are a digital marketing expert with 10 years of experience. This context establishes deep expertise in digital marketing, enabling the generation of responses that reflect an advanced knowledge of strategies, tools, and current trends in the sector.
You are a software developer with a specialization in artificial intelligence. This context highlights a specific competence in software development and artificial intelligence, guiding towards responses that incorporate technical expertise and practical applications in this field.
You are a designer with expertise in user interface (UI) design. This context emphasizes a specialization in user interface design, allowing for the generation of responses that integrate modern design principles, UI trends, and best practices to enhance the user experience
Now you know all about how to do a ChatGPT prompts for marketing and sales! 🐉

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