Why and how to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting?

Published by Guillaume Portalier on April 12, 2022 5/5 (122 votes)

why and how to use linkedin for sales prospecting
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Today, you can use LinkedIn for sales prospecting, hire talents, highlight your skills or follow the news of your B2B industry. But LinkedIn can do much more than that. 😉

Why to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting?

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At the dawn of 2020, LinkedIn had 610 million members worldwide, 40 million of whom were decision-makers. For each of these members, you have a multitude of information: industry, the position held, geographic area, number of years of experience, university attended, and so on…

What does that mean for you? This means that you can target a given population with extreme precision.

Before, when we wanted to prospect, there were only two possibilities:

  • Get started on cold-calling, with catastrophic conversion rates, and be forced to pay salespeople to do so.
  • Buy an email database to be able to carry out classic email campaigns, involving a high cost and inconclusive results. The average click rate in BtoB is 3%…

But that was before. Today, using LinkedIn and ProspectIn means you no longer need a sales team dedicated to B2B prospecting, and no longer need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in qualified databases. Our tool allows you to find new customers, easily.

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How to use LinkedIn for B2B sales prospecting?

Here are 2 ways to prospect new customers on LinkedIn efficiently…

Find your target on LinkedIn

No matter your target and your industry. Your target is on LinkedIn. You just have to take advantage of the millions of qualified profiles on the platform, and automate your contact with ProspectIn.

Do you want to contact company directors at the head of a company that has between 10 and 40 employees in the Washington district? No problem, with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator coupled with ProspectIn, it’s a breeze.

You perform your search on LinkedIn and then export the results to ProspectIn’s CRM. Once this is done, all you have to do is contact the prospects using the “connection” function. You do not know how to use the “connection” function? No problem, this article guides you step by step.

Segment your targets

You can also segment the profiles according to their interest by searching for the people present in one group or another.

Finally, if you want to get in touch with influencers or people active on LinkedIn, you just need to use the “posted on LinkedIn in the last 30 days” function; you will be sure to contact the most active people on the social network.

Do not hesitate to learn more about the possibilities offered by the search function on LinkedIn.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, consultant or freelance; LinkedIn allows you to promote your service or product directly to people who may be interested. And thanks to ProspectIn, you can automate this process to focus on your core business, by responding only to your qualified prospects.

Now you know why and how to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting. 😉


What tool should be used to prospect successfully?

We recommend using ProspectIn for your automated prospecting on LinkedIn. Secure, great priced and very efficient to find customers in B2B.

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