how to recover LinkedIn profile that have commented a LinkedIn post?

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Knowing how to recover LinkedIn profile of people who comment is very helpful.

Because it’s one of your posts and you’ve promised content to the people who comment, or because you want to personalize your approach by getting the commenters on someone else’s post.

I’m going to show you 2 ways to get the profiles of people who commented on a LinkedIn post.

1. Auto-import on Waalaxy

This technique is very useful if you want to retrieve all the people who have commented on a LinkedIn post. And even retroactively.

This allows you to automatically populate your campaigns and therefore send automatic actions to these people. No need to do any manual action then 😄. And even if a prospect comments 2 weeks later, they will receive the content.

Here’s how to set up profile retrieval with this technique:

A. Go to the “Campaign” tab and “Create your campaign”.

B. Choose the sequence and actions of your choice from the templates provided.

C. In the creation of the campaign, in the “Add prospects” section, you will choose :

  • the list of prospects into which the profiles will be imported,
  • and the “Auto-import” option
  • choose the auto-import type “Commented on a LinkedIn post”, insert the URL, and you’re done. 👌

You have the option to check the “Retroactive” option to get the leads that commented on your post even before the auto-import was set up.

Tip: Depending on what you want to do, I recommend creating two triggers: one for people you are already in a relationship with and one for people you are not.

Indeed, you will not be able to do the same actions (send an invitation request OR send a message), depending on your level of relationship.

With which subscriptions is auto-import compatible?

You benefit from auto-import in the ADVANCED and BUSINESS subscriptions of Waalaxy plans. 🪙

Does auto-import take into account all the prospects who comment on a LinkedIn post?

If we’re asking this question, you’ll know that it doesn’t. 😇

Waalaxy handles duplicate leads, which means that for any import you do, Waalaxy will not take into account people who are already on Waalaxy.

This is one of the cases where you may not get all the leads that commented on a LinkedIn post.


You now know how to how to recover LinkedIn profile that have started a LinkedIn post. A good practice to prospect in a personalized way or automate time-consuming tasks. 😜

Article FAQ – how to recover LinkedIn profile

Are there other ways to retrieve profiles that have commented on a LinkedIn post?

Absolutely, with tools like PhantomBuster for example.

Why didn’t my leads import after my auto-import?

There are several reasons why some profiles did not import on Waalaxy after auto-import:

  • The auto-import has not yet retrieved the profiles, it is important to know that the auto-import works every 12 hours and will retrieve all the leads in batch.
  • The leads are duplicates and therefore some are already on Waalaxy, so the tool ignores them voluntarily.
  • You have reached the maximum lead limit of your lead list or campaign.

Learn more about limits in Waalaxy here. 🥳


If no case matches, you can contact Waalaxy chat support, a team of superheroes will come to your rescue! 🦸

Blessing Lola

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