Automated LinkedIn Messaging : How To Schedule your Messages ?

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If you’re looking for a way to schedule your LinkedIn messages, you’re going to have a hard time finding an article that explains how to do it. To tell you the truth, I searched too, I couldn’t find an article that could describe the process in a simple, free and easy way. ?

They all tell you how to program a post on the network. But that’s not the point right now. 

So it’s hard to get the information that programming your messages is possible, but it is! It was therefore my duty to inform you, and to write you the procedure to follow ?!


Scheduling your messages on LinkedIn: what’s the point and good practices


Before explaining how to do this, let’s go over the basics. Scheduling a message means that you will automatically recontact a person via the LinkedIn messaging system at a specific date and time (which you have defined beforehand). 


It’s great if one of your prospects, recruiters or contacts (depending on your business sector) explains that they are very busy at the moment, that it’s best to contact them by the end of the month, for example. We all have these types of prospects, whose attention is difficult to catch. 


So you’re oscillating between wanting to contact them again, fearing it looks like harassment or worst: forgetting to do so. You already have 1,000 things to think about for your days, so put alerts in your calendar, no thanks, let’s avoid that task.


Scheduling your messages allows you to:


  • Save time.
  • Better organize yourself.
  • Expand your network, avoiding “losing” a future client. 
  • Keep the conversation going.
  • Promote your image by showing your professionalism (gain credibility).


Good practices for scheduling messages on LinkedIn


When you schedule your message on LinkedIn, you will automate your action. You must therefore make sure that your message looks personalized, so that your interlocutor thinks, “Oh wow, he thought of me, even a month later.”


 Here are some tips to implement: 


  • Don’t write a book on it! You’re just getting back in touch, so take it easy, make sure he gets curious about your message and don’t give too much information at the time.
  • Check in with him rather than talking about you and your products. Ask him if he’s getting his head above water, if everything is going well for him; pamper him, people love attention.
  • Remember to put things in context: if your message is scheduled for 2 months from now, he may not remember you. Avoid writing as if you spoke the day before. 
  • Finally, use keywords that let them know you have the same business needs.


 For example, if you’re both in marketing, you can write:


Hello [First Name],


I am wanted to take some news ?

I hope that marketing development at [Company Name] remains just as interesting but gives you a little more time to discover the newest Growth Hacking tools. 

Looking forward to chatting, 


How to schedule a message on LinkedIn? 


We finally get to the heart of the matter: scheduling a message with your enhanced LinkedIn messaging CRM. It’s really simple. ?


You just have to use the free version of Piwaa


My mission is new to explain to you very efficiently how Piwaa works in 10 key points. Don’t worry, it’s going to be super fast and efficient: 


 linkedin messages piwaa

  • Sort your conversations: filter not only by “unread,” but also by the last person who sent the message: ideal to get organized. 

schedule linkedin messages

  • Access a large messaging window, like the one of the Messenger app. 
  • Schedule your messages on LinkedIn: by choosing precisely the date and time. 
  • Use tags to mark a contact. 
  • Write a memo about the person.
  • A very cool one : The 6th is a button to view the prospect’s contact information. ? (Localization, company, LinkedIn, emails!)
  • On the right corner, two buttons : download the contact sheet, or share it. 
  • View demo videos and access a chat to ask your questions (to real humans)! ?
  • Join professional communities like the Facebook one and follow the Piwaa developer roadmap!
  • Access your settings to change your key info at any time. 


How do you implement a personalized marketing plan on LinkedIn? 


It couldn’t be easier. You want to generate new leads, and you know that LinkedIn is a great place to perfect a digital strategy


You’re absolutely right. But it’s not done any old way. ?


First, you need to create a solid contact base and use several acquisition levers: LinkedIn messaging is a goldmine for targeting specific profiles. Learn how to qualify your prospects and do a good LinkedIn research for your automated message campaigns. 

Then, depending on your business, use the LinkedIn feed for your marketing content strategy. If you are in marketing, sales, business development…


  • Build your brand awareness (or employer brand). 
  • Implement a content strategy to reach your targets. 
  • Have an interactive communication: share ideas and information on the network, show your expertise: the key is an engaging content!

Finally, if you are interested in LinkedIn ads, there is an article that summarizes how it works in practice. It’s up to you to see if it’s right for you and your business ?


FAQ summary of the article

A few words about LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the most relevant social network for b2b communication. It is a real point of contact between your prospect and your solution. Social media will allow you to attract new customers, generate traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate.

Building your sales and marketing strategy on LinkedIn is a must! 

How to schedule messages on LinkedIn?

In order to perform lead-nurturing (pampering a prospect to convert it), and not lose sight of an important contact: ? you are able to schedule your messages with Piwaa, an intelligent LinkedIn messaging CRM.

Logging to Piwaa, and follow the steps of the tutorial.

How to manage your LinkedIn messages ? 

Piwaa allows you to add some high quality features to your LinkedIn messaging. You can use the following options in your CRM: 

  • Automated reminders and scheduling tool,
  • Tags,
  • Memos, 
  • Contact sheets: download or send it.


If you want to go further, we have a white paper, or rather “ultimate guide to LinkedIn messaging,” access it on one click