Podawaa – Pricing & Credits: How does it work?

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Podawaa is a tool that takes its value from the community. By joining pods, you participate in the community because your account will engage on the publications of other members of the pod.


In order to create a fair price, allowing the community to function properly, we have included a system of credits.

We tell you more in this article.

What is a Podawaa credit?

A credit is sort of the Podawaa currency.

To receive engagement (ie. likes and comments) on your post, you will need to spend credits.

  • 1 like costs 1 credit.
  • 1 comment costs 5 credits.
  • 1 response to a comment costs 2 credits.
  • 1 comment posted by yourself on your post does not cost any credits.

How are credits debited?

Only the likes and comments obtained thanks to Podawaa are debited. This means that the engagements obtained naturally or via another tool does not cost anything.

When validating your engagement, you must have the number of credits necessary for the complete execution of it.

The credits are then debited as the engagement takes place.

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If I don’t receive all of the requested likes or comments, what happens?

Podawaa only debits your credits for comments or likes actually posted with Podawaa. 👍🏻

If the engagement doesn’t receive all of the requested likes or comments, they won’t be debited.

How to earn Podawaa credits?

There are two possibilities to earn credits on Podawaa: either by taking a subscription or when your account likes or comments on other people’s posts.

Indeed, following feedback from our users, we decided to reward people who engage a lot with their account.

We, therefore, thought it fairer to allow users to get credits for free when they actively participate in the community by making their account available to post likes and comments. 👌🏻

Here is how it works:

  • You earn 1 credit for every 3 posts liked via Podawaa.
  • You earn 2 credits when your account is requested to comment on a post (or respond to a comment).
  • When your account is asked to comment on your own post, you don’t earn credits.
  • Manual comments bring back as many credits as automatic comments.

How to earn a lot more Podawaa credits for free?

The advantage of this model is that it allows you to use Podawaa for free, without being too limited.

The number of comments and likes that your account will post does not depend on your will but on the requests of other members of the community.

So, if you want to earn a lot of free credits, we advise you to join as many pods as possible, while staying in an industry close to yours and your language.

You can also create public pods to be sure to engage on content close to your profile.

Are the credits cumulative?

All unused credits are carried over to the following month. So you don’t lose your credits at the end of the month. 😜

If you have less than 100 credits and you are on a Freemium subscription, then you return to a balance of 100 credits after 30 days.

The different subscriptions

There are 3 subscription plans, giving access to different monthly credit features and quotas.

Freemium – 0 € / month

The Freemium plan allows you to earn credits thanks to your automatic interactions on other posts. You can accumulate these credits from month to month if they are not used.

If your account is not sufficiently requested and you have less than 100 credits, you will find a balance of 100 credits on renewal.

PRO – From 9.99 € / month

The pro subscription gives you access to:

  • An unlimited number of pods,
  • An unlimited number of posts,
  • Lists of comments,
  • From 500 to 1,000 credits / month.

For 500 credits per month, the price is as follows:

  • € 9.99 / month if paid annually (i.e. € 119.88),
  • € 14.99 / month if paid quarterly (i.e. € 44.97),
  • € 19.99 / month if paid monthly.

For 1,000 credits per month, the price is as follows:

  • € 14.99 / month if paid annually (i.e. € 179.88),
  • € 24.99 / month if paid quarterly (i.e. € 74.97),
  • € 29.99 / month if paid monthly.

ADVANCE – From 24.99 € / month

The advanced subscription gives you access to:

  • An unlimited number of pods,
  • An unlimited number of posts,
  • Lists of comments,
  • An advanced dashboard (soon available),
  • From 2,000 to 10,000 credits / month,
  • Disabling automatic engagements on other posts.

For 2,000 credits per month, the price is as follows:

  • € 24.99 / month if paid annually (i.e. € 299.88),
  • € 41.66 / month if paid quarterly (i.e. € 124.98),
  • € 49.99 / month if paid monthly.

For 10,000 credits per month, the price is as follows:

  • € 49.99 / month if paid annually (i.e. € 599.88),
  • € 83.33 / month if paid quarterly (i.e. € 249.99),
  • € 99.99 / month if paid monthly.

In all cases, it is possible to buy credit refills when you find yourself running out of credits.

Can I buy additional Podawaa credits?

If you don’t have enough credits in your plan, you can occasionally buy more. It is a one-off purchase that won’t be renewed. 💰

It is only possible to purchase additional credits if you already have a PRO or ADVANCE subscription.

  • 1 recharge of 500 credits costs € 15.00,
  • For 3 refills purchased, we offer a refill, ie. € 45 for the additional 2,000 credits.

Credits purchased via a refill are also carried over to the following month if they are not used.

Terms of payment, renewal, and engagement

Podawaa works as a subscription. Thus, when you subscribe, your subscription is automatically renewed.

However, there is no engagement. You can unsubscribe anytime. In this case, you will have access to the features until the end of the current paid period. There is no refund if you have not used the rest of your period.

A promo code is applied to a subscription within the limit of 12 months.

What does the trial period allow for?

The trial period lasts 7 days and gives access to advanced features as well as 500 free credits. 👊

It is possible to request not to engage on other publications thanks to the advanced subscription.

You can choose to turn off likes and/or automatic comments on other posts. In this case, you will not be able to earn free credits.

Do I earn free credits when I have a subscription?

If you have not deactivated the option to engage on other’s post, then you earn credits like everyone else, depending on the solicitation of your account on other’s people posts.

How are manual comments billed?

Manual comments are billed the same way as automatic comments and yield the same number of free credits.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the chat, we will get back to you in a few minutes 😊

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