Native synchronization: Waalaxy x

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It is now possible to natively synchronize Waalaxy x ✨

All data retrieved via Linkedin and via Waalaxy will be able to be synced automatically in your software, no more need to go through Zapier or Integromat. 🤩

Let’s see how we set up the x Waalaxy synchronisation.

What is

Presentation is a SaaS lead and customer tracking tool, mainly dedicated to VSEs, SMBs and micro-entrepreneurs. It is a prospecting software that has been designed to meet the needs of salespeople. It aims to significantly improve the productivity of sales teams and to quickly and efficiently record each new lead and its data. The tool has been designed to be as easy to use and as ergonomic as possible.

Features has some pretty powerful features tailored to the needs of sales people. 👇

  • Create opportunities in 1 click.
  • Planning of your actions and sales reminders.
  • Customizable sales steps.
  • Email integration.
  • Creation of personalized objectives to boost productivity.
  • Call script generator.
  • Management of prospecting files and collaboration teams.
  • Statistics and reports.

And much more ➡️ features.


Pricing is tailored to the size of your teams. There are 3 different subscriptions: Starter Kit, Sales Experts & the Dream Team. 👇

How to set up native synchronization between Waalaxy x

Let’s see how to do the synchronisation.


You must first have a account. ➡️ Sign up for

Add your account on Waalaxy

You will need to first add your account to Waalaxy to do the synchronization.

  • Go to the “Settings” tab and “CRM Sync”.
  • Click on the icon, then click on “Link my account”. 👇
  • Fill in the login fields: your email, your subdomain, and your API Key. 👇

➡️ Where to find your Subdomain ?

➡️ Where to find your API Key ?

On, from Profile > Admin Panel > Integration > API > Api Key > Create API Key. 👇

Your account is now linked. 🎊

Start a synchronization campaign

Selecting your campaign

You will need to select a campaign that includes a “CRM Sync” step. You can easily search from the “Campaign” , “Create Campaign” and “Add Action Filter” → “CRM Sync”. 👇

Campaign steps

At the “Webhook” stage, you will be able to connect your account if you have not done so before in your settings.

  • In the lead title, default variables will be put “{{Company Name}} – {{First Name}} {{Last Name}}.
  • Waalaxy will show you the message “Fetching variables” → Waalaxy is fetching the data to synchronize. 👇

The data will be updated automatically: First name, Last name, Email, Phone, Address, Position. These are the default data, you can delete some of them or add the ones that are retrieved otherwise: Linkedin profile URL, , Location.

  • You will need to, next to each of the text data, click and add the variable that matches. 👇

  • Click on ‘Next’.
  • Launch the campaign. 🚀

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waalaxy dashboard


Do I need to have a specific subscription on

Yes, you need to have a subscription that allows you to access the API features on, otherwise, you will be blocked on Waalaxy. You will need to have the Sales Expert subscription, this is the intermediate subscription.

➡️ N Pricing.

Can I edit or delete my account from Waalaxy?

You can from Settings “edit” or “delete” your account, and/or replace it by clicking on the three little dots from the account.

What data is synchronized?

The data that is retrieved is First name, Last name, Company name, Linkedin profile URL, Email , Phone number, Position, Location.

Can I set it up in all Waalaxy sequences?

You can set up the synchronization in two types of sequences:

  • All sequences include a ‘CRM Sync’ step.
  • All sequences that include a message, a connection note, and/or an email, thanks to the feature: response goal.

Can I put the data I want in the content?

No. You won’t be able to put more data than what we provide you.

What is an API Key?

The API Key is a token. It’s what allows you to synchronize the two tools together. You can easily find it in your account, in “Admin Panel” > Integration > API > API Key > Create my API Key.


The combination of Waalaxy and will allow you to save a lot of time in the preparation of your prospecting and in its follow-up. You will only have to launch a Waalaxy campaign and retrieve all your leads and their data automatically in your pipeline, you will only have to process the closing.

Powerful right? 😎


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