LinkedIn Logo: Story and Free Download in PNG format

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The LinkedIn logo has evolved several times to become the one we know today. LinkedIn was created in 2002 and launched the following year. But in its early days, the social network was quite different! Fewer functionalities were proposed, the algorithm was much less efficient at giving you great content, and the graphic charter was way different! Find out everything you need to know about the LinkedIn logo.

What does the LinkedIn logo look like?

As with all major brand logos, there are several versions. On one hand, the old ones that are now obsolete. But you also have several versions for the current logos. Today, if we refer to the “Brand Guideline” page of LinkedIn, 3 versions exist:

logo linkedin

– A “complete” version: the name LinkedIn is written, with “Linked” in blue and “In” in lower case, written in transparent in a blue square with rounded corners.


linkedin logo noir et blanc

– A black and white version of the same logo, for black and white documents.

Icone logo linkedin

– A “shortened” version, only composed of the “In” in the blue square. It is in fact a piece of the complete logo. This is the format of the logo found in the taskbar when you are connected to the site.

Some characteristics of the LinkedIn logo

  • The reference of the blue used for the letters and the square of the mini logo is #0072b1 in Hex Color Code, or 0% red 44,71% green and 69,41% blue according to the RGB model.
  • The font used by the LinkedIn logo is a variant of Myriad Pro, a font that can be purchased online.

If today LinkedIn is one of the most visited social media in the world (behind Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr), it was not always the case. The network is almost 20 years old, which makes it an ancestor from an Internet point of view. It has therefore undergone several graphic redesigns, and some logo changes.


logo Linkedin 2003

When it first went online in 2003, the network displayed its name in black. We still find this blue square that we still know today. Straight and strong letters: LinkedIn wanted to assert its seriousness and professionalism.


logo Linkedin 2011

In 2011, a slight change. The font is modified, a little thinner, and the black color is attenuated. LinkedIn now uses dark grey on its logo.


logo LinkedIn actuel

Finally, in 2019, the logo as we know it today was born. The choice of blue, on the entire logo, aims to inspire confidence. The LinkedIn logo is “simplified”, using only this color. This is a trend that can be found on many other sites. Recently, we had the example with the logos of the Google suite (Maps, Hangout, Gmail…), unified and simplified to stick to the same graphic charter.

If you want to download the LinkedIn logo in good quality, to integrate it into professional presentations, for example, you can do so on many webites.

For example, Freepik offers an impressive palette of LinkedIn logos and icons, which you can download for free. Many formats are available, .svg, .png and more.

If you plan to use the LinkedIn logo in a professional context, be aware that there are official recommendations made by LinkedIn itself. You can find them on their “LinkedIn Brand Guidelines” page, which will clearly explain how to use them. The page will also allow you to download all the official logos in great quality. You can even get the ones with the Asian characters