How to use LinkedIn?

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To find a job or conduct profitable prospecting, LinkedIn is the best online tool. You can post your resume, answer recruitment ads or meet your future clients. Read this article to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively!

  • Sign up
  • Create an optimized profile
  • Import your contacts


Sign up on LinkedIn and create your optimized profile

Creating your LinkedIn account only requires your first and last name and your email address. Also choose a recent, professional and engaging photo!

After signing up, complete your LinkedIn profile. Carefully fill in all available fields such as your resume, detailed experiences, and the “Info” section. This is what your visitors will read first. Describe yourself in an attractive way. Think about integrating hashtags on the keywords of your text: they boost your visibility to your future clients/employers!


Import your contacts to start building a network

Once your profile is finalized, start networking on LinkedIn! First, import your professional contacts:

  • At the top of the main LinkedIn page, click on “Network” ;
  • On the left side of this page, choose “manage my network”, then “contacts”;
  • At the top right of the page, click on “manage synchronized contacts”, then synchronize your contacts from the chosen source.

Then, launch contact searches by person, by company or by sector of activity! Your goal: invite the right people into your professional network to communicate with them, through your publications or messages.


How to use LinkedIn to find new professional opportunities?

Signing up on LinkedIn is choosing job search 2.0. Answering classified ads, prospecting by sector of activity, making your company known, all this is facilitated by this professional social network. What are your goals with LinkedIn? You can:

  • Find a job;
  • Find key contacts to develop your career;
  • Recruit talent;
  • Improve your visibility in your industry;
  • Attract potential prospects to develop your business.

LinkedIn is the richest and most reliable platform for achieving your professional goals. Once you have mastered the basics of your LinkedIn account, don’t hesitate to discover the many other possibilities of this social network: professional success is waiting for you!


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