How does the queue work on Waalaxy?

A queue? But what for? How does it work? Don’t panic, after this tuto you’ll know everything about Waalaxy’s queue. 😁

What is the queue on Waalaxy?


When you launch a campaign on Waalaxy, your actions to be executed (sending of invitations, messages, follows, and profile visits) will go into the queue.

The purpose of the queue is to execute these actions on LinkedIn by simulating human behavior, i.e. by implementing a semi-random delay between each execution, and by respecting daily quotas. It is this operation that allows us to respect the limits imposed by LinkedIn, thus ensuring that your account isn’t at any risk. 🚀 The actions are therefore executed with the following delays, at more or less 20% randomly (so that each action is not always executed every X minutes, which would be very robotic):

  • Profile visit : 1mn15,
  • Profile follow-up: 1mn,
  • Invitation : 1mn,
  • Message : 2mn30.

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How does the Waalaxy queue work?

The queue works on a “First In First Out” basis, modulating your daily quotas. That is, the action that is put in the queue first, will be executed first – unless you have no more quotas left for that action. 😇

What are the quotas in Waalaxy?

Every day we assign quotas by action type, based on LinkedIn’s implicit limits that we have been able to test over time. These quotas are also randomized, so we don’t send the exact same number every day. 👽

Here are the daily quotas per action for an Advanced or Business plan:

  • Connection requests: 200 per week
  • Messages: between 120 and 150 per day
  • Follows: between 80 and 100 per day
  • Visits: between 120 and 150 per day
  • Message requests: between 120 and 150 per day

This number is 3 for the Freemium plan.

Here are our subscriptions ! 😁

An example of how it works

  • You launch a first campaign with 500 profile visits.
  • Then launch a second campaign with 300 invitations.

Waalaxy will first execute 120 to 150 profile visits, according to your quotas of the day.

Then, when your visit quotas are reached, it will execute 80 to 100 invitations according to your quotas of the day.

The next day, the quotas will be reset. Then, it will start sending your profile visits again, from 90 to 110 according to your quotas. And so on…

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⚠️ Specificity of n+1 actions in a campaign

In order to guarantee deadlines close to those announced, actions coming from a stage other than the first one in a campaign are prioritized in the queue over the others. So, let’s say you have 100 visits in the queue and 100 invitations, all corresponding to the first stage of two separate campaigns. Some prospects arrive at the “invitation” stage of a campaign that starts with a visit, and therefore this stage is stage 2 of the campaign: they will then be given priority in the queue, and will be executed before the others. So think carefully that by putting several thousands of prospects in different campaigns, some of them may take a long time to start, because they are in “conflict” with the others. 😅 season 6 friends GIF

How to prioritize an action in the Waalaxy queue?

The First In First Out operation is efficient most of the time, but can sometimes make you want to re-prioritize some actions over others. 👇 To do this you just have to:

  • launch the campaign you want to prioritize.
  • pause and replay the campaigns you want to run afterwards. This way the actions will be queued after the previous campaign, and therefore executed after.

Why is an action displayed “later” or “in 12 hours”?

There are several reasons why your actions may be postponed.

  1. You’re off at the current moment on your “activity schedules”. To check, go to the settings => “Working hours”.

2. You have reached your quotas for the day for the actions in question. In this case, your actions will resume when the quotas are reset the following day (if you are “on” the following day in your activity schedule). 😄

3. Your actions are invitations, and you have reached the weekly limit, and we are not able to bypass it. In fact, depending on the prospects you contact, we may not have their email and therefore are unable to get around the invite limit. 👽 In this case, there are several possibilities:

  • Run another campaign on other prospects (whose emails we might have, but you have no way of knowing that beforehand because we don’t display those emails).
  • Wait until the following week (not as cool 😅)
  • Send invitations without a note. This is because we are able to guarantee bypassing the limits, even if we don’t have the email, whenever you don’t have a note attached to your invite request. Please note that invitations without a note offer on average 10% more acceptance.

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The actions in my queue do not execute, what can I do?

If your actions do not seem to be executing normally, first check that:

  • they are well marked as “about to run” (i.e. not in 5 hours, in 12 or “later”)
  • you still have quotas for these actions
  • your working hours are active
  • your computer was turned on and you had a LinkedIn tab open

If everything seems fine, try reloading the extension and wait 5 minutes.

If nothing happens after this procedure, contact us on the support chat. We will try to solve the problem together as soon as possible! 😎

How to avoid sending actions on certain days or at certain hours?

Your prospects don’t necessarily want to hear from you on a Sunday night or Thursday at 3am. I mean, personally, I wouldn’t want to. 😅 To avoid contacting your prospects at unconventional times, you can configure your business hours in the settings.

However, be careful not to reduce your hours too much, at the risk of not having enough time to execute all your actions.

How long does it take to reach all my quotas?

As it stands, it takes:

  • up to 3 hours 20 minutes to execute 200 invitations,
  • up to 2 hours 20 minutes to send 110 visits,
  • up to 1 hour 40 minutes to send 100 follows,
  • up to 5 hours to send 120 messages.

A total of a little more than 17 hours at most to send 100% of your quotas.


This article will evolve over time, depending on user feedback. So, if you haven’t found an answer to your question, contact us on the chat, we will try to help you as soon as possible and with a smile. 😁 Leaving Season 1 GIF by Friends

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