Facebook giveaway: organization + 5 examples

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These days, Facebook giveaway are an essential marketing tool, enabling companies to interact with their customers and attract new ones.
Whether to increase brand awareness, launch a new product or simply liven up a page, using it can enhance your marketing strategy. 🚀

Contents: 👇🏼

  • What is it?
  • Why and how to organize it?
  • 5 examples of successful contests.

Don’t worry, the article won’t be very long, about 5 minutes reading time 👀

What is a Facebook giveaway?

This is a promotional activity organized by a company or brand on its Facebook page, with the aim of engaging users and, above all, promoting its products or services.

This type of competition can take various forms, such as :

  • 🎡 Prize draw : participants usually have to like a publication, follow the page or comment.
  • 🙋🏼 Quiz: users answer a series of questions and winners are selected from among those who give the right answers.
  • 🎨 Creative challenges: participants submit creations (photos, videos, drawings) on a given theme, and winners are chosen by a jury or by the number of votes obtained.
  • 💨 Speed games: the first users to complete a task (answer a question or find a hidden object) win.

In exchange for their participation, users can earn certain rewards, such as free products, vouchers, discounts and even exclusive experiences. 🤩

Why organize a Facebook giveaway?

I think you’ll have understood by now that organizing a competition on Facebook offers a number of advantages for companies looking to strengthen 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼 their relationship with their audience.

Let’s take a look at three reasons to add contests to your marketing strategy. ⬇️

1) Building customer loyalty

By taking part in a competition, users feel appreciated by the brand, reinforcing their attachment and loyalty. 👑

When they win, some customers tend to share it on their own social networks, increasing the reach of your visibility, and we love that. 🫶🏼

Organizing competitions allows you to collect direct feedback from customers. Whether it’s comments, shares or interactions that took place during the event, each of these pieces of data lets you know customers’ preferences and expectations. 👀


By doing so, you’ll be able to better respond to your customers’ needs, and thus increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Ultimately, this forges a warm 🥰 and welcoming brand image, encouraging customers to stay loyal and recommend the brand to their friends and family! 😇

2) Audience growth

By encouraging users to participate, like, comment and share publications, you’ll be able to extend your reach and reach 🎯 more people.

Why? 🤔

Well, when a user shares a contest, it shows up in their friends’ news feed, which can attract the attention of people who don’t know your brand. 👀

But that’s not, contests sometimes ask participants to tag friends or share the publication to increase their chances of winning. 🏆


This makes it possible to reach a much wider audience in record time.

If you succeed in converting new customers into leads, you’ll be able to create effective marketing campaigns later on, strengthening your presence and impact on Facebook. 💪🏼

3) Product display

If you include the prize in your product presentation, you’ll directly generate interest in your competition.

Obviously, if you can win €250 worth of products just with a like, a comment and some luck, everyone takes a chance! 🍀

For example, a contest where participants have to answer questions about a product’s features allows you to highlight the benefits of the product, without promoting it yourself! 👀

Also, asking participants to share photos or videos of themselves using the product provides authentic, engaging content that can be reused for direct marketing campaigns, for example.

If that isn’t beautiful. 😎

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How do you organize a Facebook giveaway?

Okay, now that you know why it’s important to organize a Facebook giveaway, we’re obviously going to explain how to organize one. 👀

Already, little chart you can keep aside to remind you of the important steps, it’s a gift. 🎁

Here’s a table summarizing the steps involved in organizing a contest on Facebook , with a line of explanation for each step:

Choose a batch or a productSelect an attractive and relevant reward to attract the attention of your target audience.
Write the rules for the Facebook competitionDraw up clear, detailed rules including participation conditions, selection procedures and legal obligations.
Set the launch datePlan a strategic period to launch the contest, taking into account your audience’s peak activity period.
Programming the Facebook competition Create and schedule attractive publications to explain rules, show prizes and encourage participation.
Draw for Facebook competitionUse a drawing tool to select winners fairly, and announce them publicly.

Of course, as you’ve come to know us so well, we’ll explain each step right away! ⬇️

1) Choose a batch or product

First of all, you need to define what you want to offer. This prize must be attractive enough to make users want to take part and share the contest on their social networks. 🎁

It can be your own products or services – as long as you’re promoting your brand and getting the word out about your offerings, you’re good to go. 😇

To make people want to participate, rely on high-quality visuals and detailed descriptions to present the prize. 👀

If you’re a little lost, here’s a non-exhaustive list of things you can win (according to various business sectors): 👇🏼

Here’s a list of 10 things you can win in a competition:

  • 🟣 F lagship products: your own products or services, such as popular items or subscriptions.
  • 🔵 Vouchers or gift cards: redeemable in your store or with partners.
  • 🟣 E lectronic gadgets: smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, or other high-tech devices.
  • 🔵 Exclusive experiences: hotel stays, tickets to events, or private workshops.
  • 🟣 Beauty and wellness products: treatment packs, beauty box subscriptions, or spa sessions.
  • 🔵 Clothing and accessories: fashion items, handbags, shoes, or trendy jewelry.
  • 🟣 S ports and fitness equipment: gym equipment, sports class subscriptions, or fitness accessories.
  • 🔵 Books and cultural subscriptions: bestsellers, magazine subscriptions, or access to streaming platforms.
  • 🟣 Kitchen kits: kitchen appliances, gourmet ingredient boxes, or quality kitchen utensils.
  • 🔵 Customized items: bespoke items, such as t-shirts, mugs, or posters with unique designs or personalized messages.

2) Write the Facebook giveaway rules

As with any event or game, there are a few rules you need to know to avoid problems.

We’re not talking about the rules of social networks, but rather the conditions for taking part in a competition. 😇
These rules must be clear, precise and easily understood by all participants.

No need to look elsewhere, here are a few items to include in your settlement. 👇🏼

Regulation itemDescription
Conditions of participation– Who can participate: define eligibility criteria (minimum age, place of residence, etc.).
– Exclusions: indicate whether certain groups, such as company employees, are excluded from participation.
How to participate– Detailed instructions: clearly explain how to participate (like, comment, share a post, fill in a form, etc.).
– Limitations: specify the number of entries allowed per person.
Contest durationSpecific dates and times: indicate the start and end dates of the competition, as well as the time zones involved.
Price descriptionPrize details: present the prizes to be won, their approximate value, and the quantities available.
Claim conditions: explain how winners will receive their prizes (delivery, in-store collection, etc.).
Selection of winners– Selection method: describe the draw or selection process (tools used, judging criteria, etc.).
– Announcement of winners: indicate how and when winners will be announced (publication on Facebook page, private message, etc.).
General terms and conditions– Liability: we accept no liability for technical problems, fraud or any other unforeseen incident.
– Rights of use: Mention that participants grant the company the right to use their contributions (photos, videos, etc.) for promotional purposes. – Data protection: comply with regulations on the protection of personal data and explain how participants’ information will be used and protected.
Legal clause– Compliance: indicate that the contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, and that participants release Facebook from all liability.
– Disputes: specify possible remedies in the event of a dispute and the competent jurisdiction.

3) Set the launch date

If you’re planning to launch your contest at 3 a.m., you can be sure that you won’t get much engagement… Don’t hesitate to choose a time when your audience is most active on Facebook, such as weekends, vacation periods or when people are on public transport, from 5pm to 6.30pm for example.

If you’re interested, we’ve written an article on“when to post on Facebook?” with a guide to the days and times to post to increase your visibility. 🚀

Also, avoid public holidays or events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day – your audience is already inundated with “Merry Christmas”, so there’s no need to drown the fish. 😅

Then, as regards duration, you should aim for a period of between two and four weeks, to take into account potential latecomers and to maintain a little enthusiasm. 💪🏼

Our little tip? 😇

Announce the launch date in advance to create buzz and excitement on the day. 🤩

4) Programming the Facebook competition

Now that you have your terms of use, it’s time to make your most beautiful visuals, whether images or short videos that :

  • 1️⃣ Explain the contest rules.
  • 2️⃣ Show prizes to be won.
  • 3️⃣ Encourage users to participate.

Graphics must be clear, concise and attractive to capture your audience’s attention.

Then, don’t hesitate to use planning tools, like Facebook Creator Studio, to save time and get a head start on your other events!

(Phssiiit, before you do that, use an editorial schedule to know when to publish).

No need to have the visual and text in your phone and publish on the bus at 5:30 p.m., planning tools do it for you. 😇

A little tip: plan several reminders during the contest to maintain interest and encourage users to participate, avoiding times when your audience is less present 😉.

Finally, respond as soon as you can to any questions and comments from participants to keep engagement high and, above all, show that you care about their participation. 💪🏼

5) Draw for Facebook giveaway

For the final step, use a random draw tool such as Random.org or Comment Picker to ensure a random selection of winners. Before you draw, make sure all entries are registered and comply with the contest rules. 👀


A word of advice: don’t post the winner ‘s name to avoid harassment.

Then announce the date and time of the draw in advance to build anticipation! 🥰

After selecting the winners, feel free to contact them quickly by private message to inform them and to verify the information for sending the gift. 🎁

Finally, don’t forget to post an official announcement on Facebook to congratulate the winners and, above all, to thank all the participants! 😇

5 Facebook giveaway ideas

Now that you know all about how to make your own competition (you can also try out competitions on Instagram, it works well), we’d like to take a look together at some examples of successful competitions in recent years. 👀

Here is a brief list of contests you can organize: 👇🏼

  • Photo gallery.
  • Captions.
  • Videos.
  • Quizzes and trivia.
  • Predictions.
  • Hashtags.
  • Comments.
  • Sharing.
  • Voting.
  • Testimonials.

1) Question and answer game

Okay, let’s start with a classic, the question and answer game.

The concept is simple: you ask a question and the participants have to answer it in the best possible way. 😇
Of course, you can combine this game system with the classic rules of a competition, such as liking and commenting on the publication, for example.

jeu cours facebook 1

Here, Celio has teamed up with VDM to give participants the chance to win a “dream” trip.

As you can see, you’ll find the terms and conditions of participation in the description and in the comments. 😇

Doesn’t that sound dreamy? 🤩

2) Instant win game

Then we have the principle of instant win games. This method increases participant engagement, because it’s direct: either you win, or you lose, no need to wait several weeks for the answer! 📆

Here we have an infographic with a mini-game where you have to find the pairs.
Turning a competition into a fun game increases the chances of participation, and thus your visibility and brand awareness! 🚀

3) Facebook Live

With the apogee of video on social networks , and especially with TikTok, live performances are becoming increasingly popular…


I advise you to check your social media strategy regularly, in case you need to include other social networks.

Already, it allows you to get closer to your audience and talk to them directly, but also to share exclusive information. 👀

Remember teleshopping on TV in the 2000s? Well, here it’s the same thing.

The aim is to launch a live event during which you offer products to be won. The participant simply has to comment to try to be drawn and perhaps win a prize. 😇

4) Personalized quiz

What better way to strengthen the bond between a company and its audience than with a quiz? 😇
You can choose to ask questions related to your business, such as :

  • Creation date.
  • Your most expensive product.
  • The number of ranges.
  • Your very first product.

Here, the Montpellier Polygone offers a quiz related to the Polygone parking lot (and all the answers are on another page, how convenient 😇).

5) Prognosis

Finally, you’re going to the “Pronostic” competitions. But what are they? 🤔

This type of contest is based on a guessing game, meaning you have to get your audience to find the exact number, a bit like the right prize after all 😅.

This sports retailer is giving away a mystery bag filled with sports supplements to keep you fit and strong. 💪🏼

The goal? Find the weight of this bag! 👀

How about a recap?

Whether it’s to increase your visibility, build customer loyalty, promote new products or engage your audience, Facebook giveaway help you reinforce 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼 your brand’s online presence.

If you follow a few key steps, I’m sure you’ll make a kick-ass contest! 🔥

Here’s a quick reminder of the steps involved:

  • 🟣 Choose a lot that appeals.
  • 🔵 Draft a clear set of rules.
  • 🟣 Set a launch date.
  • 🔵 Schedule the contest.
  • 🟣 Draw lots.

Once again, running contests isn’t just for Facebook – quite the contrary. You can extend your strategy to other social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. 🫶🏼

Frequently asked questions

Hop hop hop, don’t go away so quickly, there are a few questions we haven’t answered yet. 🫢

How to boost a Facebook giveaway?

To boost a contest, you have several choices, such as advertising or collaborating with influencers who have a good engagement rate, but that’s not all! Here’s what you can do: ⬇️

  • Promote on multiple channels: use all your communication channels, including other social networks and your website, to attract more participants.
  • Use relevant hashtags: create a unique hashtag to facilitate follow-up and increase contest visibility.
  • Offer attractive rewards: propose prizes that attract attention and motivate people to participate.
  • Create a sense of urgency: set a time limit to encourage participants to act quickly.
  • Encourage sharing: invite participants to share the contest with their friends to increase their chances of winning.

How do I run a Facebook giveaway?

To run a contest on Facebook, we recommend the following steps. 👇🏼

Define the competition objectiveIdentify what you want to achieve (increase awareness, get more followers, promote a product).
Choose an attractive batch or productSelect attractive and relevant rewards to encourage users to participate.
Write the contest rulesDraw up clear rules including conditions of participation, how winners are selected , etc.
Define launch date and durationChoose a strategic period and determine the optimal duration of the competition (generally between 2 and 4 weeks).
Create and schedule publicationsPrepare attractive visuals and engaging posts, and use tools to schedule your posts.
Promoting the competitionUse Facebook advertising, collaborate with influencers and promote on all your communication channels.
Encouraging sharingEncourage participants to share the contest with their friends to increase their chances of winning.
Monitor and analyze performanceUse analytics to track engagement and adjust your strategy if necessary.
Draw and announcement of winnersUse an online raffle tool to ensure fairness, and announce winners publicly.
Engaging with participantsInteract actively with participants during and after the contest to maintain a high level of engagement.

That’s all for us today, all you have to do is launch your Facebook giveaway. See you soon! 🐉

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