Why the image AI is called DALL-E?

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Welcome to the unusual and crazy world of DALL-E, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has revolutionized artistic creation on the web! 🎨vIf you’re wondering why this AI has such a strange name, hang on, because the story is packed with fun and surprising anecdotes, including the famous answer to the question “Why is the image AI called DALL-E?”.


DALL-E: When Artificial Intelligence Becomes the Artist of the Internet!

When the geniuses at OpenAI created this AI, they wanted to give it a unique and memorable name. You may be wondering where this enigmatic name “DALL-E” comes from? 🤔

Well, it has its origins in the famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, renowned for his wacky, offbeat works.

But that’s not all! They’ve also chosen to pay tribute to the great animated film director Walt Disney, cleverly mixing the two names to create ‘DALL-E’. A nod to the artistic and imaginary worlds that inspired this AI.

pourquoi dall-e s'appelle dall- e


Why is called DALL-E? Creating a Digital Picasso

DALL-E is much more than just a random image generator.

It is capable of creating stunning digital works of art from text descriptions.

That’s right, just tell it what you want, and it’ll bring your wildest ideas to life! Ask him for a “flying cat in a tie”, and he’ll draw it for you with inimitable style. You can even ask him to do something totally outlandish, like “a broccoli playing football with a carrot”. 🥕

DALL-E’s imagination knows no boundaries! ♾️


DALL-E is a Prankster Genius

But DALL-E also likes to play tricks! The OpenAI researchers had to deal with results that were sometimes unpredictable, even downright crazy! For example, ask him for a “fluorescent penguin dancing in space”, and you could very well end up with a “breakdancing rainbow penguin”! 🐧

Yes, DALL-E has a tendency not always to take instructions literally, but that’s what makes his creations all the more fun. 😁

You can visit the DALL-E guide to learn how to use digital tools more effectively. 👇

Guide - Learn how to use DALL- E


An AI that likes to take center stage

🎭 DALL-E’s story wouldn’t be complete without talking about its selfies! 🤳

Yes, you read that right, this AI has developed a fascination for self-portraits.

dall-e IA

It has even been caught drawing representations of itself in various outlandish situations: sunbathing on a beach, juggling oranges, or doing yoga with unicorns! 🦄

Some think it’s her way of showing the world her wacky, creative personality. 🌍


DALL-E and celebrities

DALL-E’s creations are not limited to simple objects and animals. 🙊

Celebrities get their special treatment too! 🤩

The AI was challenged to represent iconic stars such as Albert Einstein with a mullet, Marilyn Monroe as a superhero, and even Elvis Presley as an astronaut. The results are hilarious, but also impressively realistic.


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The future of DALL-E

So what does the future hold for this AI artist? 🧑‍🎨

It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for sure: it just keeps getting better and better, and continues to amaze us every day.

Perhaps one day we’ll be able to ask it to create works of art to decorate our homes or illustrate our fantastic stories. In any case, DALL-E is here to stay and to brighten up our digital world with a touch of artistic madness! 🌈


Conclusion: Why is called DALL-E?

In conclusion, DALL-E, the AI named after a genius of surrealism and a master of animation, has won our hearts with its prankster spirit and artistic talent. 🖌️

It has redefined the way we interact with AI and shows us that art and creativity have no limits, even for artificial intelligence.

However, you should know that there is another tool to create digital art and that is its competitor Midjourney. To see a comparison of the two AIs, read here! 👈

So, what else does this little digital Picasso have in store for us? 🤖


Question from Internet users

How do I use DALL-E?

Go to the official DALL-E website, use the “sign up” function and create an account. Then follow the steps in the DALL-E guide to understand how it works. ⏬

Guide - Learn how to use DALL- E ]


Let’s let our imaginations run wild and wait to see what wonders she has in store for us in the future! 😃🎉

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