Why did we create Piwaa?

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Why did we create Piwaa?

If you manage more than 10 messages per day on LinkedIn: you already know why. 😜

Once upon a time, ProspectIn and Podawaa, two particularly effective LinkedIn automation tools. Well used, they dropped dozens and dozens of qualified leads into our LinkedIn messaging every day.

But LinkedIn messaging was not meant to handle that many messages. So, faced with this buggy interface, the solution was quickly found!

A considerable waste of time

At first glance, one may wonder: what more can LinkedIn add to messaging?

After all, the purpose of messaging is to reply to messages. What LinkedIn does ultimately…

Yes, but…

We are not talking about discussions with your girlfriend or the Messenger group with your friends for your next holiday.

LinkedIn is primarily known for recruiting and generating leads. A all other problem than sending “I’m leaving work, I’ll be home in 20 minutes” to your sweetheart before leaving work.

Managing dozens of LinkedIn messages a day is both time-consuming and frustrating:

  • The interface is not very ergonomic and above all, very ugly,
  • The messaging is full of bugs,
  • it does not integrate any functionality other than responding to messages. And even that does not always work well…

For example, if you use emojis regularly (which is my case), you should use their “emoji picker”. Not possible to place a “;)” to get “😉”…

The emoji picker takes about 3 seconds to load plus the time to search and click on the right emoji, you can count 8 seconds to add an emoji to your message.

1 emoji per message on 50 conversations per day = 50×8 = 400 secs or almost 7 minutes. If we report that on working days throughout the year, we get more than 24 hours lost per year by selecting an emoji 😄

But the problem goes much further.

Very limited features

When you manage more than 10 messages a day, it quickly becomes a mess.

You have to know with whom to follow-up and when.

You cannot organize or sort your conversations: everything is arranged by date, without any other possibility.

You need to remember previous conversations or scroll previous messages.

To retrieve the prospect’s information you must open his profile, wait for the page to load, then click on “Contact details”.

80% of prospects ask 20% of the questions. Which you have already answered at least once. That you didn’t keep. Or that you kept in a Google Sheet and in a non-personalized way. Finding the document in question, copying the answer, pasting it, and sending it takes you 10 to 15 seconds. Which, multiplied by the number of conversations per day and the number of days per year, make you waste time that you don’t want to calculate, trust me.

When you have replied to the first 20 unread messages you must reload the page to display the others. (Yes, you read me well, you can try by yourself).

Each response raises the conversations to the top. So you have to go back down each time to continue to reply to your messages.

As soon as a prospect tells you that he or she is interested, you must update your CRM manually.

To schedule an event on Zoom, Hangout or Calendly, you must open the page, fill out the form, enter the date, and invite the person.

Finally, if you manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, you must log in to each of them to manage your messages.

Should I continue? 😅

Piwaa, the messaging-CRM for LinkedIn that solves these problems

Piwaa feature the new linkedin messaging

At Waapi (which markets ProspectIn, Podawaa and Piwaa), we hate wasting time. Really, we hate it above all else.

So it was time to resolve all these issues. To kill all these frictions. To create a LinkedIn messaging tool that has the “wow!” Effect.

With Piwaa you can schedule follow-up automatically so you never forget a prospect.

Snooze a conversation to manage it later.

Tag your prospects. Filter your conversations based on tags.

Take notes on the prospect to keep track of the exchanges in the form of a “memo”.

Use saved replies for LinkedIn, personalized by first and last name. To answer in a clear, precise, and personalized way to 80% of the questions of your prospects and candidates. And save time to respond qualitatively to the remaining 20%.

Load other unread conversations in an “infinite scroll” and automatically remove those read to keep the focus on what remains to be processed.

Update your CRM or any tool, via Zapier or Integromat integration. Manually with a click or automatically when you update prospect information.

A date and time detector that allows you to add an event to your favorite tool and pre-populate the information in the form. Automatically. To make it easier to create your Zooms, Hangouts, Skype etc…

A centralized messaging system to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts (coming soon).

Piwaa feature new linkedin inbox

What? You are still here? 🤓 It’s time to test Piwaa!

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