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The use of pods is not trivial. It can have an incredibly positive impact on your visibility and image.

But misused, pods can also damage your reputation. Implementing best practices is therefore essential.

At Podawaa, we prefer prevention than cure. Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions!


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FAQ Podawaa : What are the technical choices? How it works? You will know everything! 😜

How do I turn off automatic likes and comments posted by my account?

To deactivate the automatic likes and comments posted by your account you must switch to an Advanced plan and deactivate the option in your settings page

Why can’t I post comments on my first post with Podawaa?

For your first engagement with Podawaa, we have implemented a simplified engagement form in which it is not possible to post comments. You will be able to post comments from your second post. If you still want to post comments on your first post with Podawaa, you’ll need to validate your first engagement, delete it, then start over.

Why can’t I schedule a post on my first post with Podawaa?

Just like with comments, setting up the simplified engagement form for your first engagement doesn’t allow you to schedule your first post. If you still want to schedule your first post, you will need to validate your first engagement, delete it, then start over.

How to earn credits?

Podawaa’s pricing system is as follows:

  • 1 like posted by Podawaa costs 1 credit

  • 1 comment costs 5 credits.

  • 1 comment in response to another comment costs 2 credits

  • 1 comment posted by yourself does not cost credit

When your account is used to engage, you get:

  • 2 credits per comment

  • 1 credits every 3 likes

Your free trial gives 500 credits. Then you receive 100 credits per month for free.

PRO subscriptions give you 500 credits per month (€ 9.99/month) or 1,000 credits (€ 14.99/month).

ADVANCED subscriptions give you 2,000 credits per month (€ 24.99/month) and 10,000 credits for (€ 49.99/month) and allows you to deactivate the auto like and comments from your account

What is the pod suggestion?

Pod suggestion automatically present you the most relevant pods to join based on your industry and language

How are my comments and likes distributed over time?

Your comments and likes are distributed linearly over time, with an average delay of 30secs. This delay is random in order to simulate human behavior.

The distribution between them is pseudo-random: the algorithm is designed to prioritize comments because they have more weight in the algorithm, while keeping a natural behavior.

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Can I choose the frequency of likes and comments?

It is not possible to define the frequency of likes and comments. This has been designed to be optimal with respect to the LinkedIn algorithm while remaining as close as possible to human behavior.

The total duration of the engagement will roughly be 0.5 minutes * (the number of reactions + the number of comments).

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Why is my account used to like and comment on other posts?

Podawaa is a community-based tool. All users are real people with real accounts.

In order for everyone to get more views on its posts, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the engagement requested and given by each.

That’s why when you join a pod your account will be used to engage on other posts. It is therefore very important to choose your pods well. ✅

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What is the Podawaan Social Index (PSI)?

The PSI is an indicator based on different criteria which aims to maintain trust between pod members by evaluating the implementation of best practices by Podawaa users. To learn more, read our article on the subject.

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What is the difference between automatic and manual comments?

Automatic comments are written by the post author and posted automatically with your account. They save time because you don’t need to write them yourself but can damage your image as you have no control over what the author will write. However, it is possible to assign a specific comment from the list requested by the author.

Manual comments are written by the user who will put them or can be chosen from the list proposed by the author. This is much more time consuming but helps ensure the quality of the content you post.

A pod can only accept manual comments. In this case, no comments will be posted with your account without your consent.

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What is the minimum comment size?

We now know that LinkedIn gives weight to comments based on their size. writing “Great Post” does not have the same engagement value as a 1300 characters comment.

In order to promote quality comments, a pod admin can, therefore, define a minimum comment size. Thus, when you write your comments, they must respect the minimum size imposed by the pods in which you are.

For example, if you are in 3 pods: the first requires 30 characters minimum, the second 40, and the last does not include a minimum. Your comments should all be at least 40 characters long.

Why didn’t I get all the likes I asked?

in order to work properly, Podawaa needs the browser to be open. When you schedule a post, the number of possible reactions that appears is a maximum. But if some users are not signed in or have just deactivated the extension, they will not be able to engage with your content.

To overcome this problem, we now take into account active members only.

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How are active and inactive members calculated?

A Podawaa user becomes inactive when it has not made an engagement or has not been on the extension for 7 days. It is then no longer counted among the active members and is displayed as inactive in the pod.

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Why my post has not been published?

Like comments, you must have your browser open to be able to post a scheduled post or detect a new post.

If you are sure you are logged in… it’s a bug! Contact us via chat!
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Why can’t I engage on a post publihed more than 12 hours ago?

Pods are useful for boosting the algorithm early in the post’s life. The best time-window is within the first hour.

After the first 6 hours, getting a wave of comments and likes has little impact. After 12 hours it doesn’t have any. This is why we have banned engagement more than 12 hours after publication, in order to prevent abuse.

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Why can’t I engage twice in less than 12 hours?

Some users abuse the system by requesting engagements on posts that are not their own or their latest past posts. To avoid abuse, it is not possible to request an engagement if you already requested one less than 12 hours ago.

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