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10 reasons why you should develop your LinkedIn network

80% of BtoB leads generated on social networks come from LinkedIn. 80%! Yet, at all levels, many people neglect their business and don’t think about developing their LinkedIn network. The reasons? “Too time-consuming”, “my audience is not there”, “not the experience of the network”, “I do not like to network”… (more…)

Follow-up Messages on LinkedIn : 10 Creative examples !

At Waalaxy, our  Follow-up messages on LinkedIn can get up to 38% response. But that hasn’t always been the case.

It use to use hard to get a response.

It took us a lot of testing and practice to achieve this result. We’re sharing our humorous LinkedIn follow-ups with you and hope they help you achieve better scores than we did! 🚀 (more…)

mastering prospecting on linkedin with these 5 tips

Master prospecting on LinkedIn with these 5 tips

Through our Ambassador program, we have managed to attract some of the greatest LinkedIn experts, wishing to promote our prospecting tool – ProspectIn – to their customers. We have selected 5 of the best tips from these LinkedIn experts to help push your prospecting on LinkedIn to new heights.

First of all, B2B prospecting allows you to :

  • Find new customers.
  • Boost your lead-generation, B2B marketing and sales.
  • Enhance your engagement lead metric and lead qualification.
  • Broaden your potential customer base in your CRM.
  • Create traffic to your website and conversion funnel.
  • Increase lead nurturing with a marketing automation software.


LinkedIn Invitation Message Samples

5 LinkedIn Invitation Message Samples

LinkedIn is THE social network if you want to generate leads in BtoB/B2B. 80% of BtoB leads generated on social networks are generated via LinkedIn. However, what makes a prospecting strategy effective is not always evident, and of course the first impression is crucial when you’re trying to connect with someone! Here are 5 LinkedIn invitation message samples to find new potential customers on LinkedIn. 🔥


prospecting on linkedin what to do in 2021

Prospecting on LinkedIn: what to do in 2022?

Prospecting on LinkedIn cannot be improvised. There are different approaches to attract new customers, depending on your targets, your appetite and your business. Here are the 2 B2b prospecting methods used today on LinkedIn. 😊

Forget the telephone canvassing, cold e-mailing, and commercial prospecting of the 90s. The key is to choose active prospecting.

Follow the guide to perform on LinkedIn…