10 funny follow-up messages on LinkedIn

5 minutes

At ProspectIn, we generally get between a 10 and 20% message response rate on LinkedIn, and between a 5 and 10% response rate for our invitation notes.

So it made sense that we asked ourselves the question: how can we approach these 70 to 80% of prospects who did not respond to our requests? The response: Funny follow-up messages!

Here are the advantages of following-up with your customers:

  • Boost the conversion rate on your prospect/customer base.
  • Make your community loyal.
  • Get new customers.
  • Automate your prospection using our ProspectIn tool.

Below we’ve rounded up our top interesting or/and funny follow-up messages on LinkedIn for an automated strategy.


mastering prospecting on linkedin with these 5 tips

Master prospecting on LinkedIn with these 5 tips

3 minutes

Through our Ambassador program, we have managed to attract some of the greatest LinkedIn experts, wishing to promote our prospecting tool – ProspectIn – to their customers. We have selected 5 of the best tips from these LinkedIn experts to help push your prospecting on LinkedIn to new heights.

First of all, B2B prospecting allows you to :

  • Find new customers.
  • Boost your lead-generation, B2B marketing and sales.
  • Enhance your engagement lead metric and lead qualification.
  • Broaden your potential customer base in your CRM.
  • Create traffic to your website and conversion funnel.
  • Increase lead nurturing with a marketing automation software.


linkedin invitation message samples

5 LinkedIn Invitation Message Samples

5 minutes

LinkedIn is THE social network if you want to generate leads in BtoB/B2B. 80% of BtoB leads generated on social networks are generated via LinkedIn. However, what makes a prospecting strategy effective is not always evident, and of course the first impression is crucial when you’re trying to connect with someone! Here are 5 LinkedIn invitation message samples to find new potential customers on LinkedIn.


should I use the linkedIn invitation message or not

Should I use LinkedIn’s invitation message or not?

3 minutes

For some, sending a LinkedIn invitation message is useless, for others indispensable…  🤔

Is sending a new message as soon as you receive an invitation a good idea for your prospecting campaign?

In this article, we’re going to dive into the topic, so you have a better idea on whether or not to send an invitation note on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in prospecting effectively and finding customers through marketing automation, you might want to give this article a read.

We compared different acceptance rates and can now provide you with the results of an exclusive BtoB study on more than 10,000 invitation requests.


prospecting on linkedin what to do in 2021

Prospecting on LinkedIn: what to do in 2021?

4 minutes

Prospecting on LinkedIn cannot be improvised. There are different approaches to attract new customers, depending on your targets, your appetite and your business. Here are the 2 B2b prospecting methods used today on LinkedIn. 😊

Forget the telephone canvassing, cold e-mailing, and commercial prospecting of the 90s. The key is to choose active prospecting.

Follow the guide to perform on LinkedIn…


how to use linkedIn filters

How to use LinkedIn filters?

5 minutes

Targeting your prospecting on the LinkedIn social network to be effective and relevant, isn’t it quite a mission? Especially since LinkedIn limits us to 1000 results per search. But today, I explain how to get around it thanks to the LinkedIn filter.

Follow the complete guide on prospecting for your business here!