Automated LinkedIn Messaging

Why Use Automated LinkedIn Messaging in 2022?

Automated LinkedIn Messaging can be a complex topic… 🤔 I bet you must have heard by now how beneficial it can be for your outreach and lead generation.

It may save you lots of time messaging individuals and substantially boost your social selling. 💡

However, you might be wondering what precisely you will be automating? Is it really safe? But don’t worry, I’m going to teach you all the tips for LinkedIn messaging automation right here. 🤩



Digital content strategy on LinkedIn

How to create a digital content strategy on LinkedIn?

Want to be visible on LinkedIn, but don’t know where to start? 🤔 Nowadays LinkedIn has become an increasingly competitive social network in terms of content. So, you need a good digital content strategy on LinkedIn and understand the algorithm to be able to reach a major audience. 🎯

In this article, you will find the summary of the live conducted by our CEO Toinon Georget and the expert of growth on LinkedIn, Thibault Louis. Let’s go ! 💫



LinkedIn Audience Network : Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

What is LinkedIn Audience Network?

A few years ago, LinkedIn launched the LinkedIn Audience Network solution. It is an advertising feature complimentary to LinkedIn Ads. It allows companies to promote advertising outside the social-network, through native ads or sponsored content on tens of thousands of sites and mobile applications. 🤩

The platform follows the strategy of its Facebook / Instagram counterpart, leveraging the information it collects about its users and their interests through the social graph. Curious? 👀 Find out more in this article!