Segmentación de LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn Targeting? Learn How To Segment Better!

If you want to know how to create a prospecting campaign, but your target audience is hard to reach, then you need to learn What is LinkedIn targeting process. 🎯

The first step is segmentation by location, because it allows you to grow your network in a specific location. 🧭

Read this article to the end to learn all our tips 😉 (more…)

Cómo cancelar una invitación en LinkedIn

How to cancel a connection request on LinkedIn?

It is customary on LinkedIn to consult profiles and send connection requests to people you don’t know to discuss a topic, but sometimes it can go wrong. To undo this, nothing could be simpler, in a few clicks, learn how to cancel a connection request on LinkedIn, or simply undo a bad manipulation that you would have made. 🙊 (more…)

LinkedIn Showcase Pages : Create one and Learn How to Use Them

Company page? LinkedIn showcase page? Is it the same thing? Well, no! 😁

LinkedIn is a social media platform full of resources and sometimes we use them poorly or worse, not at all! To grow your network and be visible, aim for all the options of the professional network. So, what’s the point of the showcase page? (more…)

LinkedIn personal branding : Method to get fast results !

You want to learn how to master your LinkedIn personal Branding ? I promise you it’s not complicated. When I first started, I thought it would be very difficult to be consistent and creative, but I have learned from the Best, that you just need to follow that method.

It’s free to use and simple to learn. All you need is being very concentrated for the next 5 minutes. You feel ready ? 🤓


hacerse famoso en LinkedIn

How To Become Famous on LinkedIn? 23 Tips & Tricks Here

One of the most important marketing goals on LinkedIn is to increase the number of people who follow your profile. 🔎 Increased organic reach and audience insights are crucial steps in growing your LinkedIn community. And you’re not alone if you’re wondering how to become famous on LinkedIn, to achieve this goal in the most efficient way possible. 🎯

Below, you’ll discover our a list of 23 LinkedIn follower-growth tips and tricks, which include beginner-level advice as well as expert advice for people wishing to take their accounts to the next level! 🚀




LinkedIn industry list

LinkedIn is an incredible professional platform. Incredible because it offers you the opportunity to find your dream job, boost your visibility or sell your products. You’re not limited because you can choose from LinkedIn industry list. Don’t know what it is? Then this is the place to find out 🚀!


community manager linkedin

LinkedIn Community Manager: Tools and techniques to quickly build a community

Being a community manager on LinkedIn can quickly become a headache. You have to know who to write to, what to write, how to write it…

Not to mention the audience, which you then have to keep, nurture and turn into satisfied customers. So, let’s take a look together at 11 steps to meet all your goals and succeed in your conversion. 🚀 (more…)