How to change the email address easily on LinkedIn?

4 minutes

Are you tuning your profile on the social network and you don’t know how to change your LinkedIn email address? You typed “LinkedIn change email” on Google hoping that someone will tell you how ? You’re at the right place ! 😉

Follow this tutorial – within less than 2 minutes you will already have changed your LinkedIn email-address.


linkedin xray search
6 minutes

X-Ray search, also known as Boolean search, is a method we use to find highly relevant and accurate results on Google, and now on LinkedIn 🤯 by combining phrases, keywords and symbols in the search bar. In the case of the LinkedIn xray search, these are ultra-precise filtering options to segment and find the perfect candidate. 🔍 (more…)

linkedin help assistance

LinkedIn Help: Find LinkedIn customer service and access FAQs

5 minutes

Do you use LinkedIn a lot and have questions about it? Do you want to access to LinkedIn help or contact the customer service?

Don’t panic. We will help you. Stay calm, don’t get out of breath, don’t pull your hair out. Just breathe slowly… and let me give you the access and quickly explain how it works. 🧘


What is the Hiring feature on LinkedIn?

4 minutes

Since the end of 2020, LinkedIn offers two new features to its millions of users. From your profile, you can now indicate that you are looking for a job or that you are looking to recruit for your company. The Hiring feature is very simple to use and can help you find new talent very easily. What is the Hiring feature on LinkedIn?