How to endorse on LinkedIn

How to endorse on LinkedIn?

12 minutes

As you know by now, LinkedIn is the biggest professional network there is. I bet you’re wondering how to endorse on LinkedIn, and why it’s relevant to improve your profile visibility. 👀

In this article, I will give you the guidelines and examples of key skills you can use in order to make your profile stand-out from the crowd. Whether you’re a jobseeker or recruiter, or looking for potential customers, I’ve got you covered! 🙌 


LinkedIn Product Page : New Feature for Company Pages

7 minutes

As you may know, LinkedIn launched a new feature for company pages recently!
It’s the LinkedIn product page, and we’re super excited to present it to you here. 🤗

This is going to help you manage your products, in one single company page instead of having to create new pages for each product like before… this is going to be a real game changer. ⚡ (more…)

best linkedin job titles and exampes

Most Popular LinkedIn Job Titles + List of Job Titles + Tutorial

11 minutes

Welcome in the LinkedIn job titles mastering class. 😁

  • What job Title should I write ?
  • Does it really matter ?
  • Does it make a difference at the end ?

We all wonder if it’s a big deal, how to make the most out of it and which mistakes not to make.

In this article you’ll find everything you need, to change, update and boost your job title on LinkedIn. Our bonus: The 13 Most popular job titles on LinkedIn updated for 2021 !


linkedin messages request

LinkedIn Messages Request : how to send a message to someone you’re not connected to ? Without Premium !

7 minutes

Little known, highly effective in prospecting, with no weekly limit, LinkedIn messages request has everything to please! We explain why and especially how to take advantage of it! 😁

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LinkedIn training courses

LinkedIn Training Courses: 5 Experts to find on LinkedIn and Tutos

6 minutes

Are you looking for the best LinkedIn training courses? There are hundreds of LinkedIn trainers on the market. And we understand why, LinkedIn is the best Btob platform for finding new customers and improving brand visibility. So we’ve compiled 5 trainers that can really boost your knowledge on several areas 😎 :

  • Training online to find out growth Hacking techniques on LinkedIn.
  • Tutoring of automation tools on LinkedIn.
  • Sales and approach techniques.
  • Mastering the LinkedIn algorithm: to become an influencer on the network.
  • Other tips like filling out your profile well. (more…)
LinkedIn qu'est-ce que c'est ? LinkedIn c'est quoi

What is LinkedIn?

2 minutes What is LinkedIn? In this article, we will answer this question, simply and clearly 😉 Let’s already start with LinkedIn and its definition in a short sentence. LinkedIn is a social network for professional purposes. Intended for entrepreneurs, employees, recruiters, people looking for internships or jobs from all possible fields. Read more…