How does the duplicate check on ProspectIn’s Enterprise Plan work ?

Published by Amandine on March 5, 2021 5/5 (121 votes)

How does the duplicate check work with ProspectIn's Company Plan?
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That’s it, you have switched to the ProspectIn Enterprise plan. The ideal solution for managing your different accounts from a single platform. 😎

Prospecting with multiple accounts is very effective. However, it is very important you avoid contacting the same prospects several times with your different accounts! To assure this, we have implemented duplicate checks with ProspectIn in the Enterprise plan.

How the duplicate check with ProspectIn works.

First duplicate rule

You will find a small button with the words “Duplicate security” when exporting your prospects via the export pop-up from ProspectIn. When the button is switched on, it will be green. When green, you will only be able to export profiles that are not already present in the CRM of another member of the company.

So if a profile from a LinkedIn search is already present in a CRM of a company member, this prospect will simply not be exported.

When this button is not activated, duplicates between the different CRMs of the members making up the company will be possible. This means that a prospect may be present in several CRMs at the same time, and there’s a risk that they’ll be contacted several times with different accounts.

Second duplicate rule

When you add an account as a member in the Enterprise plan, a retroactive control of ProspectIn duplicates takes place. This allows you to exclude the profiles present more than once in all the CRMs of the members of the company.

The interface for checking duplicates appears on the “manage” page of the company and offers you several possibilities:

  • A quick and intelligent sorting system allows you to remove all duplicates present in the different CRMs in one click. That way the prospect will only remain in one CRM. The member CRM that will keep the prospect is decided by looking at which member account has “advanced” the furthest with the prospect. So for example, if a message has been sent by account A and just a connection request by account B, account A will keep the prospect.
  • Manually choose which account should keep prospects which exist in more than one CRM.
  • You can also choose to keep all or part of the duplicates.

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Well, now you know everything there is to know about duplicate checks with ProspectIn. If you’re unsure about anything, do not hesitate to contact Margot via chat, she is very responsive 😁