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But who is LinkHelp, this new LinkedIn prospecting tool?😱

The name is reminiscent of Linked Helper, with a little Uber-like design.

Could this be the beginning of the best software to automate your LinkedIn actions?

Not really.

The reason?

A rocket goes faster than an Uber car!  🚀

More seriously, you will see through this article how Waalaxy is (clearly) the best alternative to Link Help.

What is the LinkHelp tool?

LinkHelp is an automation tool on LinkedIn that allows you to schedule your marketing actions in order to:

  • Prospect for new customers.
  • Boost your acquisition of qualified leads.

Among other things, this tool allows you to send LinkedIn invitations, personalized connection notes, send messages, visit profiles, and track prospects. This is one of the latest tools related to LinkedIn automation to be released.

Is LinkHelp dangerous for your LinkedIn account?

Take a breath and blow it out. As for your LinkedIn account, it may not live long if you link it to LinkHelp. It’s not great for your company’s digital marketing…

Indeed, the only feature released on this subject is the setting of a random delay between two actions to simulate human behaviour, between 30 seconds, and 60 seconds, which is not much.

On Waalaxy, we have implemented this system with random delays between 1min and 3 minutes, more secure for your Linkedin account.

The tool is too new, with the lack of hindsight, it does not allow to fully secure your account. So avoid using it and choose a proven solution undetectable by LinkedIn, like Waalaxy.

waalaxy est le meilleur outil d'automatisation

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waalaxy dashboard

LinkHelp versus other automation tools on the market?

LinkHelp is brand new. In the beginning, automating LinkedIn was “only for smart people”, but today, automation has become commonplace. 

The vast majority of messages you receive on LinkedIn are automated with a tool. And using such a tool requires a certain level of expertise and advanced knowledge to avoid having your LinkedIn account restricted.

In the world of subscription software, the user experience (UX) must come first. LinkHelp cannot be a reliable alternative in the long run.

A not efficient graphical interface

LinkHelp‘s dashboard leaves much to be desired in terms of graphics. Everything is the same color, important elements are not visible, settings are not clear… in short, they could be better.

interface link help

In the end, the typical user of LinkHelp:

  • Gets lost on the dashboard because they don’t know where to click.
  • Has the impression of trying to crack an enigma because it is too complicated.

As for Waalaxy, we have created a tool with a world-class user experience and graphics. See for yourself.

The big plus of Waalaxy, which LinkHelp does not have

Our tool allows you to find leads on LinkedIn and through email marketing by scrapping their email address (which LinkHelp doesn’t allow).

Thanks to our dashboard, you can monitor and visualize your KPIs such as your open rate or response rate very easily and create marketing sequences.

The best part?

You can send us the prospecting sequence you want and we will send you the personalized campaign. Also, you have access to a lot of statistics, such as:

  1. Your number of established and pending connections.
  2. The number of views on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. The reach of your last post.

Your weekly activity by marketing action is also present on our dashboard, with the possibility of using filters to obtain a more precise data comparison.

In addition, Waalaxy offers a 7-day free trial (renewable for 7 days) while LinkHelp only offers 3 days.

Why is Waalaxy better than LinkHelp?

Waalaxy uses completely different technology to LinkHelp. It does not manipulate LinkedIn’s HTML code and as a result, it doesn’t leave a trace.

We offer a secure and hyper-ergonomic marketing tool, accessible to everyone, thanks to our low pricing.

See Waalaxy’s pricing! + A Free option. 🎁

Why choose Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is a simple, uncluttered tool designed by Pauline, our superb UX/UI Designer. With more features than LinkHelp, but with the added ergonomics and security!

On Waalaxy you can create action campaigns, integrating emails as well: multi-channel!

Soon, you will even be able to integrate Twitter and mailings!

It’s the ideal software for implementing a marketing automation strategy.

You can for example send invitations to a prospect, then 1 day after acceptance, send a message, then an email afterwards, etc. There are about 190 campaign templates on Waalaxy, so you can find what you need.

Thanks to Waalaxy’s clear and intuitive dashboard, you can track the performance of your campaigns and messages and easily implement A/B tests to optimize your results in terms of open and click rate.

The best alternative to LinkHelp – what to remember?

In the end, the real question is “should you use LinkHelp for your B2B prospecting on LinkedIn? ». The answer is no. Here are the reasons why:

  • It’s too new and offers little protection, security-wise.
  • Not enough features, and they are limited to LinkedIn.
  • It’s not the most aesthetically-pleasing interface.
  • It puts your LinkedIn account at risk.

That’s why we encourage you to test our Waalaxy tool for free for 7 days. We trust our software because:

  • We offer multi-channel prospecting for maximum performance.
  • We offer a lifetime freemium version, so you can continue to test out the tool even after the free trial is over.
  • We put a lot of emphasis on the user experience (UX).
  • Your LinkedIn account is completely safe.
  • Customer support via chat 6/7 days a week.
  • The best part: thanks to our engineers, you can exceed the 100 weekly invitations imposed by LinkedIn without risk to your LinkedIn account! 💪

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