Why does the LinkedIn tab stay open while using Waalaxy?

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You are using Waaalaxy and wondering why the LinkedIn tab stays open? 🧐

We explain the reason for its presence and give you some hints!

Why does Waalaxy automatically open a LinkedIn tab?

In order to stay perfectly simulated human behavior. For instance, invites or message actions carried out by Waalaxy are performed in the background from the LinkedIn tab.

It allows sending actions from the same page, with the same IP. It makes the use of our extension perfectly undetectable by LinkedIn. In a few words, this is a way for us to secure your account while keeping automation on LinkedIn.

So, the tab opens at every chrome launch to perform actions in the queue and update the status of prospects who answered or accepted you. You can still have a normal activity on this tab, while tasks are performed in the background.

How to close or expand a LinkedIn tab?

  • Perform a right-click.
  • Expand or close the tab.

The tab is opened slightly as a default option to not take over from your browser. So the tab appears with the “reduced” format, which places it upper left corner. We placed it there to be less disruption during your navigation. While allowing our extension to send LinkedIn automatic connection, your messages, etc.

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waalaxy dashboard

How to run Waalaxy with your computer turned off [Cloud Feature]

Yes ! It is possible. If you don’t want to keep your computer open, we can make sure your actions are still sending. Cloud is an option on Waalaxy. Once you sign up for this option, it will automatically be activated. And the option is obviously available for the Team Plan. 😁

Learn more and activated the Waalaxy Cloud Here.

What do I risk if I close the tab?

If you close the tab, ProspectIn won’t be able to work and actions won’t run, except if another LinkedIn tab is open. Also, when your computer is turned off, no action is performed! So, you need to let your computer turn on to make your extension go on if you’re not active.

linkedin tab open is normal

Furthermore, follow the complete guide on prospecting for your business here!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to discover all our tutorials or to write to us, we are very reactive! 😊

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