Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization (via Zapier)

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Here is the Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization tutorial. To always offer you more possibilities, the synchronization between Waalaxy and the famous French Management Tool, Axonaut is coming! 🚀

Let’s get right to the point. 😍


What is Axonaut?

Axonaut is a French, all-in-one management tool that allows you to easily and very ergonomically pilot all your business management.

It covers all areas: HR management, CRM, administration, billing, marketing, etc. This solution is mainly dedicated to VSEs/SMEs. It is an affordable tool that meets a need for small structures, you pay 1 tool for everything.

Magic, right? 😍

Why a Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization?

Waalaxy is a B2B prospecting tool that is mainly dedicated to VSEs/SMEs, just like Axonaut. If you are already using Axonaut, it is very beneficial to synchronize the two.

You will only have to launch your campaigns and the zap, you will only have to collect the results of your prospecting and analyze them.

If you don’t use Axonaut yet, it will be able to meet all the needs of your structure in addition to our prospecting tool. All beneficial, for everyone. ☀️


Do I need a paid subscription to create Zapier Webhooks?

No. You will need a paid subscription to Zapier, or the trial version to be able to create Webhooks.

➡️ Zapier pricing.

You will also need a paid subscription, Advanced or Business on Waalaxy to create Webhooks.

➡️ Waalaxy Pricing.


Link of the Waalaxy x Axonaut

I’ve prepared the Zaps for you that you’ll just have to copy / paste into your browser to automatically resume the pre-completed Zap.

So, happy?

➡️ Zap Synchronization Waalaxy x Axonaut.


Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization

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waalaxy dashboard

Step 1. Go to Zapier

  • Click on “Create a Zap”,
  • Search for “Webhook by Zapier”,
  • Under “Event”, select “Catch Hook”,
  • Click “Continue” twice, skipping the “Pick off a Child Key” part,
  • Copy the webhook URL.


Step 2. Go to Waalaxy

  • Click on “Campaign” and “Create a campaign”,
  • Filter by the action “CRM Sync” to see all sequences that include this action,
  • Select the sequence,
  • Fill in the various fields (action, deadline, message content),


In the “CRM Sync” section :

  • Select the CRM that you are going to configure,
  • Paste the link of the Webhook previously copied,
  • Click on “Test”, then “Validate”,
  • Launch the Waalaxy campaign. 🚀



Step 3. Launch the Webhook

  • Go back to Zapier, and pick up where you left off.

Now that the campaign has been launched, you can “Validate the Webhook” on Zapier.


  • Click on “Continue”,


Step 4. Synchronize Axonaut

  • Click on the small “+” and search for “Axonaut”.
  • In “Event”, search for “Create Prospect” and click “Continue”.
  • Log in to your Axonaut account.
  • Fill in each field with the variables:



  • Click on Continue, and “Test Action”,
  • You should see a success message,
  • Click on “Publish the Zap”.



View on Axonaut

  • Go to “Commercial” > “Directory”,
  • Click on “Prospects”,


You did iiiiiit!


Conclusion: Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization

Axonaut is a very complete French CRM. Combined with Waalaxy, you will be able to double your efficiency in developing and monitoring your prospecting strategy.



What is the pricing of Axonaut?

Axonaut’s pricing is without commitment and accessible. The pricing is adapted according to the number of users, while choosing a commitment period: monthly, annual, biennial.

➡️ Axonaut pricing.

Can I add a step to my Zap?

You can add a step anywhere in the zap. For example, you can put an intermediate step “Google Sheets” to have the list of data sent before they send to Axonaut.

You can add a step after the Axonaut Zap so that the data is sent both to Axonaut, and to another CRM that you use. You are totally free to do this. 🦋


What data can I synchronize?

Here is the list of all the data you can synchronize 👇 Prospect related information:

  • Email.
  • First name.
  • Last Name.
  • Company name.
  • Username.
  • Company name.
  • Company website.
  • Email enriched by Dropcontact.
  • Phone number.
  • LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Job title.
  • Region.
  • URL of Sales Navigator profile.
  • Lead status.
  • LinkedIn account type.


Waalaxy-related prospect information:

  • Prospect’s tags on Waalaxy.
  • Date of first connection on LinkedIn.
  • Date of first message sent.
  • Message replied: Yes / No.
  • Message sent: Yes / No.
  • Email replied: Yes / No.
  • Email sent : Yes / No.
  • List of prospects in which the prospect is.


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