Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization (via Zapier)

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Here is the Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization tutorial. In order to always offer you more possibilities, the synchronization between Waalaxy and the famous French Management Tool, Axonaut is coming! πŸš€ Let’s get right to the point. 😍

What is Axonaut?

Axonaut is a French, all-in-one management tool that allows you to easily and very ergonomically pilot all your business management.

It covers all areas: HR management, CRM, administration, billing, marketing, etc. This solution is mainly dedicated to VSEs/SMEs. It is an affordable tool that meets a need for small structures, you pay 1 tool for everything.

Magic, right? 😍

Why a Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization?

Waalaxy is a B2B prospecting tool that is mainly dedicated to VSEs/SMEs, just like Axonaut. If you are already using Axonaut, it is very beneficial to synchronize the two.

You will only have to launch your campaigns and the Zap, you will only have to collect the results of your prospecting and analyze them.

If you don’t use Axonaut yet, it will be able to meet all the needs of your structure in addition to our prospecting tool. All beneficial, for everyone. β˜€οΈ

How to synchronize Waalaxy x Axonaut?

It will take 3 steps to build your Waalaxy x Axonaut Zap. πŸ‘‡

Zap link

Manage the webhook link

The goal here is going to be to connect Waalaxy x Zapier via the Webhook.

  • Click on “Create Zap” on Zapier, then search for “Webhook by Zapier”,
  • Select in “Action Event”, Catch Hook”, click on “Continue”,
  • Copy the URL of the generated Webhook,

In order to send data via Zapier, we need to create an integrated campaign on Waalaxy in which we will copy the webhook URL previously created.

  • Go to the “Campaign” tab and “Create a campaign”.
  • If you are in FREEMIUM subscription:

You will not have access to this option.

  • If you are in ADVANCED subscription:

You don’t have access to ” Integration Sequences”, but you can define a “Response Goal” in all the sequences you have access to this will allow Waalaxy to send all the people (who respond to a connection note or to a message) to be sent with Integromat. If you are in BUSINESS subscription: You will be able to choose a sequence from the “Integration Sequences” section.

➑️ Our Subscriptions and their features.

  • Choose the sequence you want according to the actions you want and, your subscription.
  • In the step ” CRM Integration you can paste the URL of the Webhook that you created in the previous step.

  • Test the URL, then validate.
  • Add the leads to your campaign, and write notes and/or messages if there are any.
  • Start the Waalaxy campaign. 😍

On the Zapier side, you just need to test the action πŸ‘‡

Format the data

We are sending the data in streams, so they are grouped together. In order for them to be properly sent and listed in Axonaut, we’ll need to format the data.

  • Click on the little “+” after your Zap and search for “Looping by Zapier”,
  • In the Action Event, choose “Create Loop From Text”, and do “Continue”,
  • Add each value you want to synchronize, and search for the variable as follows πŸ‘‡

  • In “Text Delimiter”, put a semicolon “;”,
  • In “Trim Whitespace,” select “True.”
  • Select “1” in “Loop iteration counter start”,
  • Do “Continue”,
  • Test the action,

Create synchronization to Axonaut

  • Click on the small “+” and look for “Axonaut”,
  • In “Action Event”, select “Create Company and Employee in Axonaut”, do “Continue”,
  • Connect to your Axonaut account by entering your Api Key.

You can find your API Key in Axonaut, in the “Tool” section at the top right of your account, then in “API”, copy your Api Key and paste it into Zapier. πŸ‘‡ Once logged into your Axonaut account, you can resume the current Zap to configure the Set Up Action.

  • Fill in the fields you want to synchronize by selecting the variable from the “Create Loop from Text” as follows. πŸ‘‡

You fill in as many fields as you want to synchronize, and above all you fill in the variables according to the information you want to have.

  • Do “Continue”, and, “Test the action”.

Following this manipulation, the data will be sent to Axonaut, and it’s done! πŸ‘Œ

View on Axonaut

The data on Axonaut will go into the “Commercial” and “Directory” section, in the “Contacts” and “Prospects” sub-tab.


What is the pricing of Axonaut?

Axonaut’s pricing is without commitment and accessible. The pricing is adapted according to the number of users, while choosing a commitment period: monthly, annual, biennial.

➑️ A xonaut pricing

What is the pricing of Zapier?

Zapier has several subscriptions. The main difference between the subscriptions is the number of Zaps you will be able to do over 1 month. There are also features that get added the higher your subscription.

➑️ Zapier Pricing

Can I add a step to my Zap?

You can add a step anywhere in the zap. For example, you can put an intermediate step “Google Sheets” to have the list of data sent before they send to Axonaut, you can add a step after the Axonaut Zap so that the data is sent both to Axonaut, and to another CRM that you use. You are totally free to do this. πŸ¦‹

What data can I synchronize?

Here is the list of all the data you can synchronize πŸ‘‡ Prospect related information:

  • Email.
  • First name.
  • Last Name.
  • Company name.
  • Username.
  • Company name.
  • Company website.
  • Email enriched by Dropcontact.
  • Phone number.
  • Linkedin profile URL.
  • Job title.
  • Region.
  • URL of Sales Navigator profile.
  • Lead status.
  • Linkedin account type.

Waalaxy-related prospect information:

  • Prospect’s tags on Waalaxy.
  • Date of first connection on Linkedin.
  • Date of first message sent.
  • Message replied: Yes / No.
  • Message sent: Yes / No.
  • Email replied: Yes / No.
  • Email sent : Yes / No.
  • List of prospects in which the prospect is.

Conclusion: Waalaxy x Axonaut synchronization

Axonaut is a very complete French CRM. Combined with Waalaxy, you will be able to double your efficiency in developing and monitoring your prospecting strategy.

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