Waalaxy: the new version of ProspectIn

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ProspectIn and Waalaxy have a different interface and wording, yet Waalaxy is the 2.0 version of ProspectIn. The old tool uses terms that are sometimes much less intuitive than Waalaxy, but you got used to it and now have trouble with Waalaxy? This article is here to help you! 👽

The origin of ProspectIn

Do you know the origin of ProspectIn? Once upon a time, 4 founders wanted to automate their LinkedIn prospecting in a hurry and eventually improved it to the point of creating the most used tool for automation on LinkedIn.

Nice story, but the tool was not created to satisfy more than 40 000 users one year later…

So we learned from our mistakes and listened to our users’ feedback to create a version 2.0 of ProspectIn that allows more. From this was born: Waalaxy.

Wording differences between ProspectIn and Waalaxy

It’s easy to understand. Our campaigns, scenarios, leads and export/import pages were not intuitive. So say hello to a more marketing friendly form! 😄

Export and import: késako?

It is true that“importing into Waalaxy” makes much more sense than“exporting from LinkedIn to ProspectIn”. T

his way, all data brought into the CRM is called an import: from LinkedIn, from Sales Navigator and even from a CSV. The word “export” is only used in Waalaxy to export your leads’ information to CSV.`

Understand Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

Campaign and lead pages

Many of our users had a hard time distinguishing between the “campaigns” and the “leads” pages, so we decided to look at it in a different way and merge the two. In Waalaxy, import your leads into a list (yes, it makes more sense than “campaign” after all 🙄 ) and manage the lists and them directly from the leads page.

No more confusion possible!

Launch an action/scenario:

Beware, this is THE moment of possible confusion for your debut on Waalaxy. Yet, it makes much more sense this way but: Everything is a campaign. 👽

If you want to launch a tour or a scenario with several steps, I don’t think so… On the other hand, if you want to launch a campaign on your prospects, you can choose the sequence of your choice in all those we propose (You’ll have to go further in the article to learn more), or ask to create your own if you don’t find satisfaction!

Before you ask, yes, any prospect can enter the campaign, regardless of the list. Campaigns and lists are not linked as it was the case for scenarios and campaigns on ProspectIn.


Write your content in advance

On ProspectIn, you had to copy/paste your messages from one campaign to another. We learned our lesson, don’t worry! On Waalaxy, you can directly write your messages from a page dedicated to this function.

This way, you can use this content in different campaigns without having to recreate it. 😎

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waalaxy dashboard

ProspectIn scenarios on Waalaxy

To avoid getting lost, when you go to the menu to select a sequence, you will see the ProspectIn templates. Tip: you can search in the search bar for the name of the scenario that was on ProspectIn to find it on Waalaxy: 😎

But which ProspectIn scenarios have become Waalaxy sequences?


Here are the scenarios listed alphabetically that you can find as sequences on Waalaxy. Make good use of them!

  • Arrow –> Chewbacca
  • Better Call Saul –> Darth Vader
  • Breaking Bad –> Neptune
  • Casa de Papel –> Interstellar
  • Dexter –> Waal-E
  • Friends –> Laika
  • Game of Thrones –> Interstellar
  • How to sell drugs –> E.T.
  • Peaky Blinders –> Event Horizon
  • Sherlock –> Mercury
  • The Flash –> Mars
  • The Sopranos –> The 100
  • The Walking Dead –> The 100
  • Weed –> Chewbacca 2.0

Indeed, some Waalaxy sequences include several ProspectIn scenarios at the same time, such as Interstellar, which includes the flagship scenarios Casa de Papel and Game of Thrones.

la casa de papel GIF by NETFLIX

As you can see, you can add both connected and unconnected prospects using this sequence for your campaign. Interstellar will allow you to send a connection request to unconnected prospects and a message directly to those who are already connected.

What happened to the Triggers feature?

Ah, I said running a campaign would be confusing before I mentioned triggers… ? 😅

Joking aside, triggers were still complicated to understand, but what were they for? Mainly to automatically prospect prospects that met certain criteria. In this case, we are now talking about automatically importing leads into a campaign and therefore into the CRM.

To be clearer, you can automatically import different leads (others will be added in the future):

  • As soon as they send a connection request,
  • If they comment on a post,
  • When they visit your profile,
  • Those that come up in your registered search Sales Navigator.

Good news, you can also decide to make this auto-import retroactive! 😎 How to auto-import? You can follow our video tutorial for the step by step.

Otherwise, just launch a campaign, and choose before or after launch to add leads. After all, what you want is for these leads to be automatically prospected, right? All you have to do is choose the list where the leads will be imported into the CRM and the action that will trigger the import and you’re done! 😎

The auto-imports are therefore assigned to a list of prospects. If you want to pause the auto-import, you can do so directly from the list where it automatically imports!

Season 6 Good Luck GIF by Friends

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