How to shorten a link on LinkedIn and personalize it?

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How do I get a short url on LinkedIn?

No miracle, personalization is the key to a good conversion rate in a prospecting approach.

The problem is that personalization does not scale well. And putting the first name in a text message doesn’t fool anyone. 😅

Today, I’m showing you how to customize a link on LinkedIn.

It is a technique to use when you send your automated messages or even personalize your landing page!

Uclic.co – customize your links on LinkedIn

Uclic.co is a recent tool that allows you to personalize your links, preview shortened links, and landing pages in your prospecting approaches, whether by email, LinkedIn or other channel.

personnaliser son lien sur linkedin

The goal is obviously to reinforce the impression for your prospect that the message is addressed to him personally and thus to increase the chances that he answers you.

As at the beginning of cold emailing, when personalizing by first name was a competitive advantage, Uclic.co offers you to get this competitive edge back!

LinkedIn Short Url: How does it work?

This worked as a standard URL shortener such as bit.ly, with the difference that you will be able to customize the link and the preview.

URL shorteners have several major interests, especially on LinkedIn:

  • Change a super ugly URL to a more “aesthetic” URL
  • Use less characters in an invitation note on LinkedIn,
  • Track click volumes,
  • Add customization features like Uclic.co.

Step 1: Create a Uclic.co account

Nothing special in this step: we will start the free trial on Uclic.

essai gratuit pour raccourci un lien

It gives you 100 credits, so 100 short URL customizations. Beyond that, you will have to pay… But rest assured: for $ 10 per month, you can customize up to 2,000 links.

Get what you need to prospect 24/7 with ProspectIn each month 😉.

capture d'ecran outil raccourcisseur de lien

Step 2: Create your personalized visual

The platform already offers some visuals, but it is very limited (they have just launched). I advise you to create your own.

On that side, I don’t have too much advice to give. I don’t really have any perspective on the use of the tool yet. Personally, I use it for two purposes:

  • Thank the people who have bought a ProspectIn subscription,
  • Hunt developers on LinkedIn,

In the first case, I made a white visual with the logo at the bottom right. I then added the text with the tool. You just have to add the variables from Uclic.

logo outil prospectin

In the second case, I used the well-known army recruiting campaign.

image campagne exemple de lien

Step 3: Create your shortened and personalized link

Follow these few simple steps to generate an optimized link:

  • Click “Generator” once logged in.
  • Upload your visual.
  • Choose the title of your link.
  • Add a link to which you want to redirect (web page, documents, etc.).
  • Choose what you want to display on your image alongside your content.
  • Click on “Generate link”.
  • Copy the web link.

image mise en avant réglages

This is the text that will be displayed in addition to the visual preview. If you plan to use ProspectIn, you can customize with {{firstname}} for the first name and {{lastname}} for the last name.

redirection url avec lien raccourci sur LinkedIn

You have the option of playing around with HTML a bit. Don’t panic!

I advise you to keep the basic proposition in terms of hierarchy: the first name in large and the slogan in smaller. You can play with the filters to change the typo, colors, and location of the text on the image.

The image will show you “John Doe”. This is normal, this name will be replaced later with that of your prospect.

You get a full web address. Be careful, it must have the variables you use in it (f = {{firstname}} and/or l = {{lastname}}). A little piece of HTML code.

lien complet vs lien raccourci sur linkedin

Step 4: Create your ProspectIn campaign with your personalized link

That’s it!

All you have to do is write your message or your name and include the URL link as in the photo.

lien raccourci sur LinkedIn via ProspectIn

The variable in the link will be replaced with the first or last name automatically and you will get a rendering similar to this:

campagne de prospection sur linkedin avec les liens

Let me tell you that I don’t have any artistic skill, nor the mastery of design tools. I hope you can create a better visual than me 😅

Note also: if you add the shortened URL address in the note, the preview will only be visible once the person has accepted you and the message appears in their inbox.

Do not hesitate to test different visuals and different catchphrases.

Conclusion for getting a short url on LinkedIn

A simple, effective, and inexpensive technique to add a little extra touch to your messages and stand out. Obviously, we are not talking about an ultra personalization of approaches. But don’t forget that your prospects are often very busy: this kind of little touch can allow you to increase significantly your conversion rate.

Today I presented the use with ProspectIn but the tool can also be easily integrated into cold emailing.

Finally, the team that launched this project allows other upcoming advances, such as customizations with the prospect’s logo… We will keep you posted 😉

In the meantime, you now know how to create a shortened link on LinkedIn.

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