How to insert a link as a comment on a linkedin post?

Published by Amandine on December 2, 2020 5/5 (189 votes)

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In this article we explain how to insert a link in comment on a LinkedIn post. Manually, just click on the “add comment” button and paste the link you wish to insert.

  • Copy your link
  • Create a new comment
  • Paste your link

insérer un lien en commentaire sur LinkedIn

You have the possibility to add text in addition to the comment but you can’t add a visual in addition to the comment.

Mixing text and link is of course the most recommended. Inserting only a link in a comment on a post that is not yours can be perceived as aggressive advertising and will not make you want to read your content. Accompanying your link with a text helps to make the reason for your sharing understandable and to better incite the click on the link. (90% of it will be deleted 🤨).

Your link must be in line with your LinkedIn post. For example, if you recommend a tool, a link to your article, to your landing page…

Why insert a link in a comment on a LinkedIn post?

Link sharing is the ideal solution to make your content known. You can share a link from your blog, Youtube channel or podcast. However, be careful to publish a link related to the post, otherwise it will quickly become clear that your only goal is to generate traffic.

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Making your links known must be done in a certain logic if you do not want to be perceived as a user who spam the posts of other members of this network. If you really want to publicize your latest article or video, you can create a dedicated post or send it as a private message, always accompanied by a text that explains your goal!

Is it possible to program a link as a comment?

It is not possible to program your actions on LinkedIn directly from the social network. Podawaa allows you to program your posts but also program your comments. Double action, you can program a post, and program your comment, and even the answer to it. 😜