Why building a career page on LinkedIn?

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Looking to build a career page on LinkedIn ? Wondering why ?

On social networks, it is not only companies or HR who are looking for information on profiles. Indeed, in our society, the values of a company are a criterion of choice for some candidates, who no longer hesitate to learn about a company on LinkedIn and find out how it works before applying.

A true pillar of communication for an employer brand, LinkedIn has become an essential space for developing awareness and sharing company culture in order to convince an audience.

However, it is important to use all the functionalities wisely, especially the “Corporate Life” tab, to optimize your presence.

Unlike the “About” or “Home” tab, this space allows you to share photos or anecdotes about the company, and to share your daily life. It is also possible to integrate links to articles on your site or to add testimonials from your employees to highlight the culture and values of your company.

For example, Nike does not hesitate to use this space to present its mission, its beliefs and to try to project you in its environment.

To attract users, the “Corporate Life” tab offers a cascade of features allowing companies to present themselves in an authentic way to find future candidates. Indeed, as an administrator, you can create several views and, depending on the profiles of your visitors, choose to display the one you want to show them.

For example, for an engineer, he will be able to see content specifically intended for him if the administrator has included it in his personalized views. For example, you can customize a view intended for marketing or accounting, to show what these target audiences see and appeal to them.

There you have it, now you know why to build a career page on LinkedIn.🚀


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