How to get unlimited LinkedIn searches?

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Using the search bar on LinkedIn is not as easy as you could think. Indeed, the platform gives you access to 1,000 results even if it shows more. However, there is a great solution to bypass this limit. How do I get unlimited LinkedIn searches? The clear answer is just at the corner!

How to get unlimited LinkedIn searches?

  1. Connect on LinkedIn and click on the search bar. Select “People”. Type the keyword of the job you are looking for, such as “growth marketing”;
  2. Narrow down your search by selecting exclusive filters, “location” for example;
  3. From there, you can target more precisely your search by playing with the other filters. You can filter by language, school or interests. And…. Voilà! This how you get unlimited LinkedIn searches! At least, you are not limited to 1,000 results anymore.

Understanding filters to optimize your unlimited search results

The secret to getting unlimited LinkedIn searches is to break your goal down. You have to choose precise filters to narrow down the search. The idea of being selective to get more results might sound weird… Let us explain it with a simple picture: if you are in a big shop, and someone asks to find “something blue”, you will find a sample of blue things, but won’t have enough information to provide exactly what this person is looking for. However, if someone asks for “a big blue book”, you will easily find many more matching products, won’t you?

Select the right filters on LinkedIn to bypass the limit and optimize your prospecting

On LinkedIn, getting unlimited search results depends on selecting the right filters. Let’s take back our “growth marketing” keyword. On the 4 million + results you get, you will have access only to 1,000 to 2,500 if you have access to Sales Navigator. Now, if you choose “France” as a location filter, you narrow down to 50,000 results, which is still too wide to prospect properly. If you select a city in France, for example, “Toulouse Area, France”, you get 1000 and + results. This is precise enough so you can target ALL the people you are really looking for. How great is that?

Now, all you have to do is import all these leads to ProspectIn and start a scenario with these targeted people!


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