What is B2B Sales?

What is B2B Sales? Top 5 Strategies To Grow Your Business

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There’s no denying it, it’s more and more difficult to make B2B Sales. It can feel virtually impossible at times… Selling was never simple, of course! 😓 That’s why we have created the ultimate prospecting guide. ⚡

Today’s purchasers prefer to perform their own research and make their own purchasing decisions, free of vendor influence. 🤔 So here are 5 Top Strategies to help you keep up with the current times! 👇



Cold Email: Send your prospecting emailings without landing in spam

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Welcome to the cold email guide, wake up webinar first summary.

Thanks to this article, you will master all the technical aspects that allow you to obtain excellent deliverability rates and to avoid at all costs landing in the spam or ads of your contacts.

🔥 Get to +95% deliverability on your emailings with this article! 🔥 (more…)

outbound secrets

Outbound Marketing: Become a MONSTER of automated prospecting and content

You want to know how to succeed with your marketing strategy outbound ? To understand what makes entrepreneurs successful in 2021? Toinon and Benoit explain in 3 key points in a live what it helped them achieve and how you can boost your sales thanks to Outbound strategies. From 🌱 to  🌳. (more…)

Successful Sales Email : A complete guide to Start and Boost email marketing campaign

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In this article we will be focusing on the Sales email: marketing mailing strategy, examples of successful campaigns, & automation tools. Our goal is to help you to feel ready to revise or start your strategy so as to achieve much better results by the end of this article. 😎 (more…)

enterprise seo strategy : How to get started ?

Enterprise SEO Strategy: How to Get Started?

Wondering how to create an enterprise SEO Strategy?

The SEO for “Search Engine Optimization” is to optimize the referencing of its website on certain keywords searched by internet users, in order to answer their questions and highlight its content and/or services.

Let’s see together how to start your organic SEO strategy. 😊 (more…)


All About Prospecting = Prospect Definition, Commercial Techniques And More

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Find out quickly in this article all there is to know about prospecting: Definitions of prospecting, synonyms, techniques to transform a prospect into a client and concrete examples.

  • Definitions of prospecting.
  • Synonyms of prospecting.
  • What a prospecting plan is.
  • Techniques to transform a prospect into a client.
  • Concrete examples.

In short, what it takes to become the best sales expert.


linkedin account restricted

LinkedIn account restricted: Why & Solutions

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Is your LinkedIn account restricted? You’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking for a solution, check out our tool : Waalaxy, which is not affected by LinkedIn’s restrictions. Otherwise, in this article we explain all the different LinkedIn restrictions and our tips on how to get out of them. 👊