How to create a CSV import on Waalaxy?

3 minutes

Waalaxy allows you to import a CSV file, containing the prospects you want to upload to a list. You will then be able to contact them as if they were imported prospects with a classic search. In this article, we will see how to perform a file import on Waalaxy. 😜 (more…)

How does a campaign work on Waalaxy?

16 minutes

When we started working on Waalaxy (which at the time was called “Prospectin 2.0” and then “Revenant” and then “Igwaan” and finally adopted the sweet name Waalaxy but you probably don’t care).

I remember the day we said with the developers: “Everything is campaign”. 👊 (more…)

Waalaxy Hubspot Zapier

Synchronize Waalaxy with Hubspot (Zapier)

6 minutes

You’ve all been waiting for it. And it’s coming. 💃 Waalaxy synchronization with Hubspot (Zapier) is slightly more complex than with other CRMs. But once in place, you’ll be able to launch the best marketing automation strategy on the market. 🚀