Everything about the CSV file: Create, process and format it

CSV is the acronym for Coma Separated Values, which can be translated as “values separated by commas”, it is a format that allows you to represent data in a spreadsheet as text.

In this article you’ll see how useful these files can be with the use of a tool like ProspectIn. Mainly as it groups all the prospects that you have exported to Prospectin thus allowing you to access all the data of your contacts.


Synchronize ProspectIn with Integromat

Thanks to the updated triggers (see article), it is now possible to automatically export leads from ProspectIn to most CRMs via synchronization, Zapier or Integromat. We’ll talk about Integromat here, but you can read about synchronization with Zapier here. This synchronization can be a bit tricky. We’ll explain it all here!



Send an email when a contact accepts your LinkedIn connection request

Welcome to our all-in-one tutorial, dedicated to ProspectIn’s new feature, Triggers!

In February, Guillaume introduced you to the Triggers feature: What is the Trigger feature? To learn the basics of this feature I recommend you start with his article.

In this new article however, we’e going to dive deep into an advanced Trigger. This is for the Masters of Growth Hacking, who want to go much further.


How to export your LinkedIn contacts to Excel?

One of the best features of LinkedIn is how you can create a wide network of professional contacts. These contacts – or “connections” as called on the social media, are often people you know or who share similar interests. But if you use LinkedIn for prospecting, then your contacts might also be potential prospects. In that scenario, you can sometimes ask yourself: how to export LinkedIn contacts to Excel or a spreadsheet?