Send an email when a contact accepts your LinkedIn connection request

Welcome to our all-in-one tutorial, dedicated to ProspectIn’s new feature, Triggers!

In February, Guillaume introduced you to the Triggers feature: What is the Trigger feature? To learn the basics of this feature I recommend you start with his article.

In this new article however, we’e going to dive deep into an advanced Trigger. This is for the Masters of Growth Hacking, who want to go much further.


How to retrieve followers of a LinkedIn page?

Do you want to retrieve followers of a LinkedIn page? Imagine you could retrieve all the subscribed profiles of a page on LinkedIn, then contact them in a personalized way. Up until recently this was impossible. But a recent update from LinkedIn has now opened this door.

Utilising our small hack, it’s now possible. So let’s go ! 😜

Important: This trick only works on the old version of Sales Navigator. But don’t fear, we’re currently working on a new article for all of you with the new version 😉


How to close my LinkedIn account?

A great number of reasons can lead you to remove your LinkedIn account. Perhaps you are sick of the multiple notifications sent by the network. Maybe you are no longer convinced of the network’s efficiency. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that you want to close your LinkedIn account. By the end of this article, you will know everything there is to know about closing your LinkedIn account.