Which Gafam does LinkedIn belong to?


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    LinkedIn Gafam is owned by GAFAM Microsoft. Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $26.2 billion. This is the most expensive purchase of a social network in the (short, but intense) history of social networking. 😱

    What does GAFAM mean?

    They are the most powerful companies in the world. The ones that are buying up new startups like swallowing a soup that’s about to get cold.


    (Illustration by citéco).

    • Google.
    • Amazon.
    • Facebook (now : Meta).
    • Apple.
    • Microsoft.


    Why are the GAFAMs so powerful? Who are the big tech companies?

    Because they have a lot (too much) market share. Our friend Google is at the top of the list with 92.3% of its market, and it’s a virtuous circle =

    The more the search engine is used, the more it is fed, the more it gains value, and thus the more it gains a lead on its competitors.

    We can see (in that beautiful graph) that Apple is losing a bit of notoriety. The phone market is very hard to compete with, especially since Apple is on a specific target and does not really do low cost.

    (Sorry in advance, I’m testing a new minimalist graphics tool and I don’t think I know how to make circles).


    What are the big five tech companies? Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc…

    Ps: Facebook’s market share is nowhere to be found. 🤷

    Let’s zoom in on the details of these successes. 👇👀

    Google Gafam

    Image illustrative de l’article Google

    Google owns 219 companies, in 2019 it is adding several strings to its bow:

    • Superpod = Question and answer software.
    • Alooma = Database migration to the cloud.
    • Nightcorn = Video sharing.
    • Looker = Looker.
    • Fossil = Connected watch.


    Amazon Gafam

    logo de Amazon

    Amazon owns Amazon. Which is already huge given the supremacy of its empire. + 38 other companies. (Because you shouldn’t let yourself go either.) Some of the best known are:

    • Alexa = Audio assistant.
    • Audible = Audio books.
    • Twitch = streaming platform.


    Meta Gafam (formerly Facebook)

    Yes Facebook changed its name in October 2021, even though nobody calls it Meta yet.  Facebook decided to invest only in social networking sites. In fact, it bought Instagram in 2012 for only $1 billion. It’s just one of the most incredible investments in history. 😱

    The value of instagram 100 billion dollars would now be 100 billion dollars.

    🏴‍☠️ In its treasure chest, the network also has :

    • Messenger.
    • WhatsApp.
    • Instagram.
    • Libra.
    • FriendFeed.
    • Gowalla.


    Apple Gafam

    logo de Apple

    Apple is one of those companies that own tons of companies and collect them in spades. Today the giant has 107 in its bag. Its latest finds (2020/2021):

    • Camerai and Spaces = augmented reality.
    • Vilynx and Curious AI = artificial intelligence.
    • Primephonic = music streaming.

    More tech, just to be original. 😂


    Microsoft Gafam

                logo de Microsoft

                Microsoft comes in second. That’s 211 companies to its credit. His biggest acquisition being LinkedIn, which cost him a robbery (Marseille expression difficult to translate in another region = it was expensive.) The 4 biggest purchases of Microsoft are :

                • LinkedIn in 2016 = the best B2b social network.
                • GitHub in 2018 = web hosting.
                • Nokia in 2013 = cell phones.
                • aQantive in 2007= web marketing (owned by Atlas group).


                Why did Microsoft buy LinkedIn Gafam?

                So Microsoft didn’t hesitate to drop a big bill to acquire social media giant LinkedIn. It’s kind of like buying Boardwalk in Monopoly. You know it’s going to hurt your bank account, but as soon as someone stumbles upon it, you’ll triple your ROI (return on investment). But then why?

                (Illustration from PiWEEFR)

                Because LinkedIn is a very good investment. It’s the largest professional social media, and also one of the most monetizable data recovery platforms. 💰 LinkedIn has the monopoly. It’s the only global pro network with millions of daily active users. And today, what costs the most is our data (selling data), which already came before oil in 2019. In its article, Forbes announces:

                Data Is The New Oil — And That’s A Good Thing

                And LinkedIn has it all figured out. For me, it is the smartest network of all. It sells highly qualified data* to professionals.

                * That is, we all fill in our profile meticulously to boost our E-reputation.

                This data that we meticulously fill in is used (among other things) to carry out targeted LinkedIn advertising by advertisers.

                • The user gains visibility, develops partnerships, finds prospects.
                • The advertiser sells its products and services via ads and content marketing.

                So = the more users there are, the more data there is to sell (logical). And = the more data there is, the more advertisers (and therefore buyers) there are.

                💫 Virtuous circle 💫

                So LinkedIn’s goal is to always increase the number of subscribers and their engagement. Learn more about how LinkedIn makes money. 👀


                Why did Microsoft choose LinkedIn Gafam?

                So Microsoft owns Skype and LinkedIn, but wants to expand their Tech investments. (well yeah, they’re not rich and powerful enough as it is, that’s for sure 😂).

                The Microsoft Redmond group has a great interest in social networks. In fact, the group has repeatedly expressed its ambition to buy a big social media platform like :

                • Pinterest, for a $51 billion buyout, (not bad).
                • TikTok, without having made any official announcements about a price. 🤫

                The goal? Tobecome the leader of digital companies.


                How does LinkedIn Gafam remain the leader?

                As we said, LinkedIn is the best card in Monopoly. There are a few companies like Viadeo that have had the ambition to outdo the network, but without success.

                Latest data (January 2022) = wold wild serachs around LinkedIn and Video in the past 12 months*

                LinkedIn remains a leader in several ways:

                • Digital transformation, many countries have started to have access to the Internet all the time and LinkedIn’s popularity in the workplace has grown tenfold. It is a “must have” network to develop your career.
                • Its constant evolution following the digital trend: LinkedIn has developed articles, webinars, podcasts…
                • Its algorithm that chooses which content is more engaging according to the user (personalized experience) that allows him to stay engaged on the network.
                • Its positioning as a digital-media. Today, 89% of decision makers think that LinkedIn is a trusted source of business news.
                • Its focus on human resources. LinkedIn sees itself as a “career facilitator”, developing an intuitive “job search” space and a real job market.
                • Its business model based on ads + premium offers, all aligned with the values and market position of the network.

                Don’t miss out on professional opportunities anymore. Don’t miss out on the career of your dreams. Use LinkedIn.


                LinkedIn has become the largest professional social network in the world

                We are social animals, we love to communicate, and we never stop doing so.

                • LinkedIn is the the most popular social media for B2b.
                • The rise of social media as been just incredible in the past 5 years.
                • The number of users has exploded. (I’m pretty proud of that graph).   It was said earlier, and I’m repeating myself (but you love it) :

                Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016 for $26 billion, at that point it had 433 million of users. So if you do the math, that’s just under 60 dollars per user. That means that if you had LinkedIn in 2016, they already put a 60 dollar bill on your head. Now, the network has mind-blowing numbers on the clock:

                • 790 million users worldwide (January 2022).
                • The revenue of LinkedIn increased by $928 million. That is +16% between Q1 and Q2 2021.
                • Monstly active users : 303 million in 2021. 
                • The platform’s profits are beyond $10 billion.

                Where did I get this data? Read Microsoft’s press release.


                How can you take advantage of LinkedIn Gafam?

                There are several ways to leverage the network. And after all, why not? LinkedIn does make money from you every day, so you must also find some relevant benefit in it, right? And there are plenty of benefits to be had.

                They will depend on your strategies to tame the network.

                This article is here to help you learn a little more about LinkedIn, if you are using LinkedIn to grow your network or find clients, Waalaxy is a free tool to help you achieve your goal. 🎁

                Discover Waalaxy 🪐

                Inbound marketing on LinkedIn

                An inbound marketing* strategy. The goal is to bring a prospect who doesn’t know you or who doesn’t know you very well, to become a customer by offering him quality content. *Translation = inbound marketing

                • Publish and be active on selected social networks.
                • Organize webinars, conferences, podcasts…
                • Share a white paper or a newsletter.
                • Write very cool articles like this one. (Download Waalaxy, it’s free.) And work on your SEO and blogging skills.

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                Community Management

                Digital communication and social media management are part of inbound marketing.

                Some people are specialized in community management and manage several social networking platforms at once.

                Their goal is to create a social media marketing strategy to build higher conversions for the company.

                For that they often use tools to plan posts and boost their visibility towards their target audience, like Podawaa for example. LinkedIn is the most efficient network to create a community and get followers in B2b. Why deprive yourself of key tips?

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                Prospecting with LinkedIn Gafam

                LinkedIn is an incredible goldmine for prospecting. The best part? It’s that you absolutely don’t have to use LinkedIn media advertising or the paid automated messaging version offered by LinkedIn. No, you can use a completely free LinkedIn automation tool. 🥳

                • Send hundreds of messages to qualified prospects.
                • Create fun and easy-to-use campaigns.
                • Be accompanied by a human chat of digital experts.
                • Track your results.
                • Use the freemium version. (free=free, for real, not like in fake ads).

                🔥 Use Walaaxy, the free automated LinkedIn prospecting tool. 🔥


                Recruiting on LinkedIn Gafam

                There is more than 20 million open jobs on LinkedIn Jobs per day, and the most active users are recruiters or marketers.

                LinkedIn has become an essential place for recruiting and talent hunting. The network makes it possible to quickly identify job seekers thanks to the alert function of their profile, but also to find candidates to poach. Something that is done more and more since the abundance of needs in certain niche areas such as the tech sectors (engineers, developers). 😈

                What’s great about the network is that in addition to being able to easily post your offers, you have access to the full profiles of the people who apply and you can discover a lot more information about the candidates. (What they post, what companies they follow).

                🔥 Access the free Guide: how to use Recruiter Lite with the free Waalaxy tool. 🔥


                Job Search on LinkedIn

                42 million people (worldwide) use LinkedIn to search for a job every week. Okay, that’s quite a few people, which proves two things:

                • It works. (I found all my internships and jobs through LinkedIn and now my life is great).
                • The competition is tough. (This is not just the case on LinkedIn).

                You’re going to have to work harder to find the right company, and you’re going to have to let them know that they need you too. I guess you already know that if you don’t personalize your resume and cover letter, you won’t get very far. Now, to stand out in the LinkedIn jungle there are three steps to follow:


                Make your startup shine

                Whether you’re in Fintech or selling dog products, if you’re launching your business, you’re going to need visibility, partnerships, and surely investors. Webmarketing and using networks is going to be your first weapon. 😈

                Using LinkedIn can be completely free. You use the feed (news feed) to post regularly and you use a free tool like Waalaxy to launch your first campaigns. You gain credibility and you gain your first customers.

                Without spending anything.

                It’s almost too good to be true.

                And as a bonus, there’s a guide to help you get started. 🎁

                🔥 Access the Complete Guide for free: how to use LinkedIn for your business. 🔥


                Getting started as a freelancer

                The number of freelancers continues to grow. (So is the rate of people dissatisfied with freelancing). 😂

                76% are more worried than before. But that’s not the point. 🤓

                The biggest boom started end of 2019 early in 2020, with the start of Covid mixed with the need for personal development that hits our modern society like rain falls on Brittany.

                Now LinkedIn is full of Freelancers fighting for the same clients. Why?

                Because it’s the best place to find your first clients and start your business. Every company looking for freelancers is looking there.

                Our if you don’t want to be the kid in the middle of the field when we play dodgeball, I strongly recommend you include LinkedIn in your marketing strategy.


                • Develop your image and brand awareness.
                • Find your potential customers, contact them, make them clients.
                • Be active on social media and expand your network.

                🔥 Get free access to the Complete Guide: getting started as a Freelancer. 🔥


                Conclusion: What are the Big 5 companies ?

                LinkedIn has been part of Microsoft since 2016. The GAFAMs are:

                • Google.
                • Amazon.
                • Facebook (now : Meta).
                • Apple.
                • Microsoft.


                Article FAQ

                What Gafam is LinkedIn?

                LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for +$26 million.

                Microsoft has ambitions to expand its influence by buying and using social media platforms. The grouphas indicated interest in Pinterest and TikTok. 😱


                Why are GAFAMs so important?

                According to lebigdata:

                The GAFAM have several billion users and a market capitalization of more than four trillion dollars.

                They own and influence most social media and therefore have a real impact on the life choices of internet users. They can put certain types of content or products.

                They also have the upper hand on the market and can impose their conditions.

                They also invest in state-of-the-art tools and buy up social networks, streaming, artificial intelligence and Big Tech companies to develop their empires over time.

                Thanks for reading and see you soon for more articles on LinkedIn Gafam. 💖


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