Automatically send a welcome message on LinkedIn

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Envoyer un message LinkedIn de bienvenue automatiquement
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In this article, we’re essentially going to show you how to automatically send a welcome message on LinkedIn to people who send you a connection request. All using ProspectIn 😉

ProspectIn, what does it do?

ProspectIn allows you to automate the sending of connection requests and messages on LinkedIn, and to visit and follow profiles automatically.
The strength of ProspectIn is its Scenario feature. This feature allows you to automate action sequences (visit/follow/connection request/message).


This allows you to create true follow-up sequences, similar to how you could by email. A key difference being a much higher open and response rate (approximately 10x), as you’d be using LinkedIn profiles instead of email addresses.

ProspectIn takes the form of a mini CRM, from which you can perform all your actions. You organize your prospects into Campaigns, and you can use numerous filters as well as a tag system to better organize your prospecting.

Sending a welcome message automatically on LinkedIn

ProspectIn offers an advanced prospecting feature: Triggers. Triggers allow you to perform an action based on an event and certain conditions, all in a fully automated fashion.

It is this feature that enables you to automatically accept connection requests received, and automatically send a welcome message on LinkedIn.

1st step

The first step is to create a Campaign that you will call “Triggers Campaign” (for example).

Once the Campaign is created, you go to the message tab and write the message you want to send to the people who send you a connection request on LinkedIn. You can title your message “welcome message” (this title will only be visible to you).

2nd step

Go to the “Triggers” page and create your Trigger! 😁

Choose your Trigger input, that is, the action that will trigger the Trigger. In this case, that would be, “Invitation received (auto-accept)”. Then select the condition “without note” if you only want to accept connection requests and send a message to people who add you to their network without having wrote a note. Finally, choose the frequency of the Trigger execution.

3rd step

Choose the trigger output, i.e. the action that will be performed when the Trigger is triggered. In this case that would be, “Send a message”, “Triggers campaign”  and “Welcome message“.

4th step

You just have to choose the conditions. So for “Prospect status”, select “connected”, and for “Already present in the CRM ProspectIn”, select “None”.


Click on “Save and start”. There you go, your Trigger is all set up. From now on, all connection requests received without a note on LinkedIn will be automatically accepted, and the person will also automatically receive a welcome message.

This is just one of the many automated actions that you can set up with ProspectIn. Do not hesitate to check our article “10 examples of Triggers on ProspectIn” to discover a world of possibilities 😉

Furthermore, follow the complete guide on prospecting for your business here!